Best Typo Ever On A News Broadcast Reveals What The Stroke Of A Penis Can Do

Humor, News — February 4, 2016 at 3:38 am by

According to Independent, Daniel Webb, who is the Director of Legal Advocacy at Australia’s Human Rights Law Centre, said “The stroke of a pen is all it would take for our Prime Minister to do the decent thing” on ABC News, referring to a High Court ruling. But because of a missed space bar, it read something a little more sexual on the news:






Are we supposed to act like this was all a mistake? Zero percent chance, and I mean zero, that this was unintentional. It was as intentional as Kim Kardashian’s sex tape being leaked. It’s the perfect sentence to just accidentally “miss” a space bar. The stroke of a pen?? It’s basically like Daniel Webb set everyone up to leave out the space bar. And the good people at ABC News obliged. Well done, everyone involved.



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