Best Rap Songs Of The Nineties

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So let me start by saying I’m a white guy with no street cred!  I’ve lived in the burbs my whole life and the hardest thing I’ve seen is the movie Boyz In The Hood.  So naturally I’m probably not the best person to compile a ” Best of Rap”  list but this a blog and that means I cangun do what I want.  What peaked my interest in doing this list was an old mix CD that I stumbled upon the other day, you know the ones where you illegally downloaded the songs off Napster.   Made me realize how great rap was back then.  Between MTV and The Box I would find myself constantly watching rap videos, shit I learned quite a bit from them.  Remember the great rack on the girl from the volleyball game in “Nothin But A G Thang.”?

Just a heads up, my list is very mainstream.  I preferred to listen to songs about “sippin champagne” and “Gettin funky on the mic like an old patch of collard greens.” I get it, I have a lot of Biggie and 2Pac on the list.  So I’m prepared to be ripped by hardcore rap fans for not having any Nas or Ghost Face Killah.  I also don’t have any Jay Z or Eminem because I didn’t get into their stuff until after 2000.  So without further  ado,  here is my list of the 25 best rap songs of the nineties.  I hope this list sparks a ton comments and debate.


25. Humpty Dance-Digital Underground
24. Damn it feels good to be a Gangster-Ghetto Boys
23.  Dear Mama-2Pac
22. Let Me Ride-Dr. Dre
21. Regulate-Warren G
20. One More Chance-Notorious B.I.G
19. OPP-Naughty by Nature
Who can forget the nasally spat Humpty Dance, 2Pac pours his heart out in Dear Mama, Nate Dogg provides the smooth melodies in Regulate.
18.  Still Not A Playa-Big Pun
17. Changes-2Pac
16. Insane In the Brain-Cypress Hill
15.  Jump Around-House of Pain
14. Gin and Juice-Snoop Dogg
13.  Hip Hop Horray-Naughty by Nature
12. What’s My Name-Snoop Dogg
With Insane and Jump Around, are there better songs to get a rowdy crowd even rowdier?  Two entries here from Snoop who was undoubtedly one of the top artist of the decade, and the second entry from Naughty by Nature, who with Hip Hop spawned the infamous hand over the head sway.(hey-ho)
11. Notorious Thugs-Bone Thugs n Harmony/Notorious B.I.G
10. Got Your Money-Ol Dirty Bastard
9.  Flava In Ya Ear-Craig Mack
8. Real Muthaphukkin G’s-Eazy E
I’ ve heard that Notorious Thugs is a great song to just go riding around in your car to.  Never done it.  Got your Money is a song I can listen to over and over, and I really like that song flavor in your ear-ugh I mean…never mind.  Real G’s has some of my favorite rap lyrics ever.  “And now you think you’re bigger…”. This was the number one song for what seemed like a year.
7.  Keep Ya Head Up-2Pac
6. Feel Me Flow-Naughty By Nature
5. California Love-2Pac/Dr. Dre
Rap’s closest resemblance to a ballad, 2Pac lays down a track here that I think my mother would even listen to.  Feel me Flow is another hit that was very easy on the ears, and Cal Love is the quintessential west coast rap anthem.
4. Hypnotize-Notorious B.I.G
3.  Nuthin’ But A G Thang-Dr Dre/Snoop Dogg

So I’m a white guy with no rhythm and when Hypnotize comes on I immediately hit the dance floor, drunk or not.  G Thang is the song that put Snoop on the map, and propelled the album The Chronic to its iconic status.
2. Today Was a Good Day-Ice Cube
Chronicalling his perfect day in South Central LA, this was Cube ‘s biggest hit.  With lines like: “get me on the court and I’m trouble.  Last week fucked around and got a triple double.”  And the infamous “…so deep, so deep put her ass to sleep.” And remember he didn’t even have to use his Ak!
1.  Juicy-Notorious B.I.G

Hands down for me the best rap song ever.  There is not one person who doesn’t start rapping along with the late Biggie Smalls when this song comes on.  Telling his rags to riches story of moving up from street hustling to “Sippin champagne when were thirsty,” this is the American Hip Hop dream.  Also love how he tells of girls not giving him the time of day before-“and now they write letters cause they miss me.”  The ironic thing about this song is it was recorded before Biggie gained his aforementioned super stardom.  He was certainly right on the money with his prediction.  It’s a shame him and 2Pac were taken so young, but I guess it goes with the territory.  Nobody will ever call them studio gangsters.
So there you have it, please bash me. 



  1. Ok.. I feel like those are all songs my mother would recognize. That’s not what the Homey’s and YO BOYS were listening too back then. I know because I was a white collar wanksta in the 90’s. I was in the Navy with a boat full of ashy fools smoking Newports and rolling Blunts drinking Old English 40oz bottles tapped to one hand while we played domino’s and spades..DOMINO MOTHA SHUTCHO MOUTH….I promise you we did not have MTV on.. Radio play and MTV was not a crowd pleaser. We wanted that hot sh*t.

    Lets agree that music producers made music videos so that they could reach a broader spectrum of ears than the ones on the streets of the hoods. It was about money, and they succeeded.

    The results however of radio and television rap is a wiggity wiggity wiggity wack top 25.. Lets do a “hold up, wait a minute” before I start going crazy here tho..

    I would like to Congratulate Babes Nation on having their 2nd perfect little baby… But enough of the nice talk..

    You’re list is slightly what we call BUNK. You have no Big L on this list. No Black Thought aka THE ROOTS.. No Pete Rock and CL Smooth… No Wu-Tang .. No Method Man.. NO Red Man.. No De La Soul… No Whoop Whoop thats the sound of the police.. No Tribe.. No Jay-Z.. No NAS no Mob Deep.. ugh..

    I’m getting lightheaded thinking about all the bomb a$$ tracks out there. I would have to spend some time writing my top 25, but I can promise you it does not include DIGITAL UNDERGROUND.. I mean C’MON 2PAC was a back up dancer in that video.. not to mention Burger King bathrooms haven’t been sanitary since that songs release.. I’ve been going to Wendy’s ever since.. AND DAMNIT I LOVE WOPPERS

  2. That honky up top will get better aim if he holds the gun sideways…

  3. I am a skate punk/ yo boy hybrid from Overela who was a teenager in the late 80’s and early 90’s. I find this lily white Harford county shit disturbing…..No Gangstarr? No Public Enemy? Somebody best roll me a blunt b-fore I gets my gat. Best go back to cow tippin’ and boot lickin’ son, cause you ain’t no hip hop expert.

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