Bernard Pollard Is Out To Kill In Tennessee…And I Already Miss Him

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So Bernard Pollard said some crazy shit about wanting to kill his opponents. In fact he said exactly this,

"Seriously, I will fucking kill you."

“Seriously, I will fucking kill you.”

[] The message on that paper — “Goal – Super Bowl; Mission – Kill!!!” — leaves little room for interpretation. “Our goal is the Super Bowl, and our mission is to kill,” said Pollard, pointing to his handwritten note, according to the Tennessean. “And if someone doesn’t like it, then who cares? I really couldn’t care less. It is not our responsibility to make anyone else happy, to please you, to care about you. “Our responsibility is to protect LP Field and our responsibility is to steal wins on the road,” he added. “And our responsibility is to (beat you up) as a defense, and that’s what we’re going to do on every single play. You have to have that mentality because nobody cares about the Tennessee Titans. Nobody. So you have to take the respect. That’s what we have to do. … Yeah, this team can get to the Super Bowl.”

Then he backed it up by not apologizing.

[] I don’t care what they have to say,” Pollard said regarding those who may criticize him for using such blunt language, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.  “If they feel like we’re going to carry guns and knives and try and stab people and try and kill them, shame on you. You are an idiot.  For us, when we say kill, we want to go out there and knock the [heck] out of people, we want to hit you.  And for me, we’re going to help you up because I’m going to knock you back down.  I have been at plenty of pee-wee football games where I have seen my son, my daughter, and you hear parents, you hear women, white, black, Hispanic, Chinese, Japanese, telling their sons, ‘Kill them! Telling their daughters, Kill them!’

I miss Bernard already.  This is the kind of anger that wins football games.  It’s a physical sport, dudes are going to use metaphors to describe their profession and what they do.  Ever say, “man we killed it today at work.”  Or, “that was killer.”  Of course you have.  Leave Pollard alone and let the man fuck up ball carriers and receivers, it’s his job to be vicious, just ask Stevan Ridley.

Coach Harbaugh called this a turning point in the game, a crucial moment in Baltimore’s favor.  Don’t kid yourself and think for a minute that these coaches and players don’t fucking love this shit.  So go ahead and talk shit Pollard, that weak ass Titans defense needs some attitude.

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