Bengals Flop Their Way To Win Over Ravens

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I don’t give a shit what anybody says.  I don’t care if people think that this is sour grapes about a loss   Steve Smith had a touchdown taken away from him by an overzealous referee and a flopping George Iloka, who looked like Shane Battier in his Duke-flopping fucking prime.  Was there contact? Sure.  But the contact was caused by two players tracking an airborne football and trying to get position. The NFL has gotten flag happy enough that players are flopping in order to get calls.  But I guess I can’t really blamed Iloka for doing it- it worked.

If you have to blame somebody else besides the refs for this mess of a Sunday, you can blame Ravens’ quarterback Joe Flacco and rookie safety Terrance Brooks.  Flacco threw a couple of bad picks, the first one being one of Joe’s worst throws of the year.  During the first drive of the third quarter, Joe threw the damn ball right to Bengals linebacker Emmanuel Lamur while there was something like triple or quadruple coverage on Torrey Smith, who was supposed to be the recipient of the pass.  The pick stalled a Ravens drive and led to a Bengals’ touchdown.  Flacco would come right back and throw another pick, which would lead to a Mike Nugent filed goal.  Suddenly a 7-6 halftime deficit was 17-6.  Those ten points proved to be Raven killers.

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But Flacco’s greatest attribute may be his ability to simply shake off mistakes.  This helps in pressure situations.  In this game Flacco helped bring the team back to take the lead.  When that lead was taken away, Flacco threw the game winning touchdown pass to Steve Smith.  Too bad the refs took it away.

Rookie Terrance Brooks gets the defensive doo-doo award for his lack of ball awareness and his poor coverage on the 53 yard pass play to Mohammed Sanu on 3rd and ten during, what turned out to be, the Bengals’ game winning drive.  It just wasn’t good.  The play was also a good one by Andy Dalton, who avoided a strong pass rush, and Sanu, who did make a great play on the ball.  Brooks just has to do a better job there.  The Ravens got burned by an AJ Green bomb in Week One and they got burned here by a bomb to Sanu.  These things can’t happen late in games, especially twice.  I don’t care if Jimmy Smith was hurt and not playing.  DB’s can’t keep letting this shit happen.

All-in-all this was a wacky game that was real fun to watch.  The outcome just sucked.  It especially sucked because two great players made a great play that would have won the game for Baltimore.  Unfortunately, a flopping DB and a gullible ref ruined that for the Ravens and their fans.

Other Game Thoughts

The Haloti Ngata sack and forced fumble was so Ngata.  Power, grace, and style wrecking havoc on a football field.

The Ravens logged two sacks but could have had more.  Elvis Dumervil caused Andre Smith to get flagged for two holding penalties.  Doom would have gotten to Dalton both times.

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Lorenzo Taliaferro had two TD runs and had a real nice catch and run on a Flacco check-down.  He and Forsett both played well and the Ravens continue to display an effective running game.

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Flacco hit eight different receivers today.  No receiver had more than three catches.

I love the fact that the Ravens are aggressive and going for it on fourth down.  They just need to execute.  Kamar Aiken needs to catch that ball on the 4th and goal.

Even with a ton of injuries and mistakes, the Ravens still played a gutsy and tough game today.  This team definitely has heart.  They just need to translate those guts and that heart into a road win against a quality team.

The Ravens were a yellow flag away from taking total control of the division. Now in second place, the boys in purple and black have got a big one next week up in Pittsburgh.







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