Ben McDonald Is Killing It As The O’s Color Commentator

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Monday night I was driving home from the CCW staff trip to Delaware Park when I tuned into WBAL for the Orioles/Rays broadcast from the Trop.  The Birds lost, but that’s not the point.  The point is that joining Joe Angel in the broadcast booth was former Orioles pitcher Ben McDonald.  Though McDonald has filled in on WBAL before, at first I didn’t know who the hell I was listening to.  But after hearing the Cajun drawl and the spot on pitching commentary it could only be the former number one pick from LSU.

McDonald is old school, to the point, and he is a hilarious master of the obvious, which for local baseball commentary is a must.  There is something baseball authentic about McDonald and that authenticity comes across the airwaves effortlessly. While listening to the Birds broadcast Monday night, I could picture McDonald and Angel chillin’ in the booth and talking baseball with a twelve pack of Bud on ice and an open pouch of Red Man laying next to the microphones. That’s old school, babes.

Fred Manfra is scheduled to rejoin Angel in the booth in a few weeks, but until then Ben McDonald is holding down the fort.  He’s definitely a better fill-in for Manfra than Jim Hunter (who seems better suited for TV) or Dave Johnson (who has a voice that reminds me of Dan, the high-talker on Seinfeld).  I wouldn’t even mind Ben staying in the radio rotation for good.

The drawl, the old school baseball mentality, and the unintended comedy.  Add ’em up and Ben McDonald is killing it on your radio during game time.

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  1. Totally enjoying Ben I’d love to see him get this as a full time gig.

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