Beer Snobs Rejoice! This Glass Lets You Drink Two Beers At The Same Time

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Genius.  The Pretentious Beer Glass Company (no shit) has developed the perfect Black & Tan Glass.  The hand blown glass has two compartments that come together at the lip, making it the perfect way to enjoy the flavor of two brews simultaneously. No more spoons, mess, or inexact pours.  Personally, I’d prefer a Bud can, or just a Guinness by itself, but for all those folks who dabble in beer snobbery, this is may be the greatest invention since beer itself.  Cheers, babes.



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  1. Sea bass……
    Where in this world do you buy that thing?

  2. Never mind,stupid fuck that I am,the company is right at the top!
    35 beans,they can kiss my Black and Tan ASS!

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