Baltimore Ranked One Of The Ugliest Cities, So Says The Internet

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In a place where everybody’s opinion counts and is always right, ‘the internet’ produced a lovely little piece on the most attractive cities in America.  But wait you said ugly? Why yes I did my sweet little Maryland troll.  You cannot amplify beauty without pointing out the DUF( designated ugly friend ) standing next to her.

On the most attractive list were residents in Miami, San Diego, Charleston, South Carolina; Los Angeles and Providence, Rhode Island. As for the residents who were considered the least attractive, Detroit came in first, with Memphis and Oklahoma City tying for second. Baltimore was then ranked as having the fourth least attractive people in the U.S.

For obvious reasons, California has three cities in the top five most attractive resident list. Who can blame the gifted writer of the piece in travel and leisure to overlook a place that has beautiful beaches, movie stars, and the biggest boobs per capita in the world. And let’s not forget the city named after a whales vagina ( San Diego ).

It is clear that the travel and leisure budget for traveling only allowed their writing staff to go through the parts of Baltimore that Frodo would not dare step.  They did not see what this city has to offer.  Have you ever been downtown on a summer evening?  Yeah I think Canton Square should change its name to The Boner Factory.  What about up North in the counties, all those farmers daughters can compete with any middle America’s bumpkin town hottie.    PG county is another,  in fact I’m watching a Real live Ken doll walk by me as I write this story.  At the end of the day it’s the internet, even a writer that refers to “the people of Minnesota have long graceful limbs which work well for climbing over mountains of snow,” has an opinion.

This is all I have to say about this list


For the record, I might have skewed the ugly meter results…

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