Baltimore Potential Candidate to Host 2016 MLB All Star Game

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Bud Selig said recently that Baltimore was a “very, very viable candidate” to host the 2016 All-Star Game at Camden Yards

Plain and simple, this would be freaking awesome. For the Orioles, the city, local businesses and fans. Baltimore has hosted the mid-summer classic twice before, but has not done so since 1993.  In ’93, Camden Yards was only in its second season. 2016 would be the Yard’s 25th anniversary, and while it’s now one of the older stadiums in baseball ,it is certainly still one of the best stadiums in the league.  (More on that ater in another blog from Seabass.)

In addition to  how fantastic and how much character Orioles Park at Camden Yards has, they don’t call Baltimore Charm City for nothing.  The city has so much to offer towngame festivities and the AStar Game itself. One of my favorite things about Baltimore sports is that our stadium venues are in the heart of the city, right where everything is happening. Bars, restaurants, hotels, and attractions like the Inner Harbor and National Aquarium are all within walking distance of the Yard.  (Not to mention, by 2016 the casino will be finished.) So many cities have their stadiums on the outskirts of town or in locations distant far from the actual city they represent.  That can be annoying if you want to make a full night, or day, out of a ballgame sandwiched in between dinner and drinks.   Sometimes, I truly think  we take for granted how great the locations of Camden Yards and M&T Bank Stadium are.

The location of our stadiums, along with their nearby accommodations, set up perfectly for hosting an event like the All-Star Game, or dare I even say, a Super Bowl, one day. 

I’ve talked a lot of trash about Bud Selig.  But Bud, if before you officially retire you do me a solid and give Charm City the 2016 All Star Game, I’ll forgive you for everything you have ever done wrong.  Pretty fair deal there, I’d say.


Selig pic: deadspin

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