Baltimore Man Gets 25 Years After Throwing Boiling Water On Roommate Over Breakfast Sausage Argument

News — November 18, 2014 at 8:27 pm by

Donte Frye, 39, is a sausage enthusiast with two prior convictions for attempted murder. Today, he was sentenced to a mandatory 25 years in prison for assaulting his halfway house roommate. Here’s details of the assault from The Baltimore Sun.

Prosecutors had alleged that Frye, who they said mistakenly believed his roommate had eaten his breakfast sausage, lured the victim to the top of the basement stairs of the home, then tossed a pot of boiling water at him. The victim fell down the stairs and struck his head on a door, and prosecutors said he endured “months” of disfigurement.

So, his roommate got boiling water thrown on him, fell down a flight of stairs, and he didn’t even eat the sausage in the first place? That’s the biggest travesty that I’ve heard since Andy Dufresne got sent to Shawshank for a crime that he didn’t commit. If you’re going to savagely assault someone for eating your sausage, you’ve got to be 100% positive that they ate it. You can’t Al Green the fuck outta somebody on a hunch. There’s rules when it comes to breakfast warfare, and Donte broke rule number 1. Now, Donte’s getting 25 years for his cruel behavior, but what’s his poor roommate getting? If it’s not a lifetime supply of Jimmy Dean, then I’ve lost all faith in humanity. He deserves restitution through delicious, artery-clogging sausage. That’s real American justice.


via The Baltimore Sun
cover pic: Unsophisticated Cook

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