Baltimore Hoops or Hockey?

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You don’t need to be a weatherman to realize winter has more than arrived in Charm City. I’m pretty sure these below freezing temperatures are the cold torture everyone in the Game of Thrones is referring to. The only thing that worse than weather in Baltimore this time of the year is the lack of professional sports.

The Ravens playoff hopes were painfully ended in Cincinnati. Meanwhile, it’s a bit too early to really get pumped up for spring training, especially given the disappointing off-season. I love all Baltimore sports team. No matter what our baseball team looks like on opening day I’ll be cheering my ass off. My point though, is this. Baltimore as a city and surrounding area supports both our professional sports team so well that there’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to support a 3rd major team. NHL or NBA. I don’t give a damn which, just give me something.


Maybe I’m being biased when I say that I think Baltimore is the greatest city in the world. That said, it’s nothing short of a tragedy that we only have two Major sports team while crappy cities like Cleveland (3), Detroit (4),  Tampa Bay (3), and  Minnesota (4) have more. Seriously? Cleveland? Come on man. Id really like someone to explain to me how hell Cleveland can support 3 major teams and we can’t. First of all, Baltimore has a few hundred thousand more residents. On top of that were also the best, most loyal fans in the game. We still support the Orioles after years of dreadful ownership, I think that says it all. I’m pretty sure that after the Federal bailout the U.S. government actually owns the city of Detroit, and the unemployment rate is somewhere around 110%, yet they  still somehow manage to support 4 major sports teams. Is it too much for me to ask for one more?

“And you think Camden Yards is Empty. How bout them Rays?”


While I consider myself a pretty important figure in the city, I don’t have the power, or the cash, to bring another team here. I only have the power to bitch about it. Let’s just say Baltimore finally  does rebuild the Baltimore Arena and were able to add a 3rd team. What do you want? Hockey or Hoops?

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