Baltimore Filmmaker’s Latest Episode Of ‘Another Dirty Room’ Features Halethorpe Motel

Entertainment — May 25, 2017 at 9:41 am by

Baltimore Filmmaker, Dan Bell, uploads a ton of content around Maryland and its surrounding areas. These videos often include insight on abandoned malls, vacant houses, and the classic, BGD documentary.

In his latest series, Another Dirty Room, Dan essentially finds the grossest rooms he can. In the latest episode, The Swan Motel in Halethorpe, Maryland gets inspected. Not a great look for the motel…I get it, it’s $40 a night, but holy shit, a little TLC wouldn’t hurt. On the brightside, with nearly 350k views in under 24 hours on the video, the Swan Motel might finally get around to some spring cleaning.

For the record, I’ve 100%¬†stayed in worse.





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