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The Orioles fell apart tonight, there’s no other way to say it.  Walks, a dropped fly ball, and base running stupidity all contributed to a shit sundae 5-2 loss.  The Yankees didn’t really do anything special to win, they just waited for the Birds to make a mistake.  Adam Jones’ drop of a Vernon Wells fly ball was the most damaging Oriole blunder.  With the score tied at two with two outs and the bases loaded in the seventh, Wells lifted a shot to center.  Jones, on the run, couldn’t squeeze it, and every baserunner scored.  What made it worse was that every runner aboard had been walked.  It was a disaster. But the Orioles weren’t done.  With two aboard and nobody out in the top of the eighth, it looked as though the Birds might get themselves back in the game.  Instead Manny Machado hit and then ran into a triple play.  That’s right, triple fucking play.  Poor base running was the culprit, and it was the cherry on top of a big, ugly, shit sundae.

Alexi Casilla, CC Sabathia

We like Alexi

Our boy, Miguel Gonzalez, struggled with his control, but he battled and ultimately pitched well enough to win.  But Sabathia pitched better, and the Oriole’s defense ultimately let Gonzalez, and the bullpen, down in the seventh.                  

Machado stayed hot, registering two hits and an RBI.  Alexi Casilla looked great at second and also registered two hits.  I like him at second until Brian Roberts returns. 

Tommy Hunter didn’t give up a home run and pitched a scoreless inning. Woooo!

Oriole pitchers plunked a few batters tonight, including Eduardo Nunez, who had to leave the game.  It probably wasn’t retaliation for Sabathia breaking Nick Markakis’ wrist last year, because if it had been the Birds would have thrown at someone important, not Nunez.

The Birds and Yankers go at it again tomorrow at 4 p.m.  Hammel (1-1) vs Hughes (0-1)


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