Back To Basics. Four Simple Cocktails to Enjoy As Temps Cool.

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You can only drink so many Red Bull and Vodkas.  And as the holidays sneak up on us all, it’s time for everybody to get grown up about their cocktail decisions.  The old goats at your winter family functions will appreciate your newly acquired taste when you do, and if you’re in a new relationship, sipping a fine bourbon and water with your potential father-in-law will offer a better first impression than if you’re banging back Cherry and Whipped Vodka Bombs.

Besides, booze that tastes like booze is just better.  If you’re gonna drink, you might as well drink like a man.  You’ll never see James Bond order a Dirty Shirley, babes.

So without further adieu, here are four sippers that will keep ya toasty as the nights get longer….

1.  Grand Marnier- Served Neat–  We’re starting off with the king of the fireside cordials, Grand Marnier.  Best enjoyed in a snifter poured straight out of the bottle, Grand Marnier is the ultimate warmer of the cockles.  An awesome after dinner drink, it’s especially great after a nice steak or an incredible holiday dinner.  Great drink to have over good conversation and the ultimate night cap.  Also, got a cool Dad or Grandpa?  A bottle of Grand Marnier and a box of Macanudo Maduros makes a prime gift for Christmas.


2.  Grey Goose Dirty Martini on the Rocks-  Don’t ruin things by drinking cheap ass vodka.  Grey Goose was always one of my personal favorites, but your favorite top-shelf stuff will do fine here as well.  Dirty that vodka up with some olive juice and then garnish with olives- preferably ones stuffed with bleu cheese if you’ve got the time.  We’ll throw the concoction on the rocks and keep it low key, no need to be all ostentatious with a frilly martini glass.  Two big ice cubes do the job best and it’s always better to shake it before pouring over those cubes.  That cold olive juice/vodka cloud is a thing of beauty.  Just remember, martinis are like breasts; one’s not enough, but three’s too many….

mg 5

3.   Mount Gay Rum and Tonic-   They make Mount Gay in Barbados and when I went there on one of the best vacations of my life, I drank it like it like it was Mount Gay Rum and it was two dollars a pop.  Because that’s exactly what it was, two dollars a pop.  Rum takes some getting used to if you’re not used to drinking it straight up, so the kind bartender in the first bar we sat in on our trip suggested that we, “Put some tonic in it, man.”  We did and it was love.  Throw a lemon or lime in and it’s even better.  But rum is just a summer drink, right?  Wrong, babes.  Mount Gay has a robust taste and they age it oak casks.  That gives it a nice, full bodied finish.  It’s not overly sweet and it’s certainly not light.  If you’re a rum man, this is a good call for the cold months.  And if you’re not necessarily a rum guy, try it anyway, it’s a great drink.

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4.  Maker’s Mark and Water-  Bourbon is beautiful.  Good bourbon on the rocks with a splash of water is a great drink for any time  or any event, but over the winter months this American classic seems to wrap its bourbon-ness around you and makes you feel downright American cozy.  Sharing good bourbon with family and old friends just feels right, it’s a great reunion drink.  It’s also a great, “loosen everybody up at the company Christmas party,” drink.  Throw a lemon twist in for shits and giggles, or just enjoy as is.  Winner every time.



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