Babes TV Review: Check Out Friends With Better Lives

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by Babes
CBS premiered its new sitcom Friends With Better Lives Monday after the series finale of their bell cow, How I Met Your Mother.  The show stars Kevin Connolly( E from Entourage), and James Van Der Beek.  (Of Dawson’s Creek fame. Yeah, I was into Dawson’s Creek when I was younger-insert your gay joke here.)  After one episode I’m definitely gonna give this show a chance despite the scathing reviews from every media outlet I could find.

First and foremost, Brooklyn Decker plays one of the female leads and good God I could watch her all day long.  Who fucking cares if she can act, she’s there for the eyes.  The funniest character, one episode in, is the girl who plays the bitchy single friend Zoe Lister-Jones.  She zipped off three or four great one liners that had me lol-ing in real life.  I mean, yeah, the show was forced and completely unrealistic, but who cares, I watch real life happening everyday. I could use a little unrealistic comedy for a half-hour a week about friends who constantly bitch about their lives one forced one-liner at a time.  And yes, I can get over the fact that all these friends seem to congregate at the married couple’s house all the time as the show’s setting, fucking deal with it, its TV.  The show made me laugh, that’s why I’m willing to overlook some of its major flaws because ultimately that’s all I’m looking for.  A few cheap laughs at some good-looking person’s expense.  Put it on your DVR and check it out.

….and here’s more Brooklyn decker

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