Babes’ Top 100 Songs Of The Nineties

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The nineties were a bright spot in music history. It saw the birth of grunge, East Coast/West Coast rap feuds, and some fantastic one hit wonders. Looking back the fashions weren’t as bad as they were in theĀ 70’s or 80’s, and many of the artists who ascended in the decade are still churning out quality music.

I have compiled a list of my top 100 songs of the nineties. Sticking exclusively in the pop/rock/hip hop genres, these are my picks for the decades best.

100. “Say It Ain’t So”-Weezer: You can basically call this a cult classic, as it appeared as a B side off their debut Blue album. The guitar riff at the beginning is unmistakable.

99. “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”- Deep Blue Something: An infectious one hit wonder that still gets people singing when it comes on over twenty years later.
98. “Run Around”-Blues Traveler: The iconic harmonica from John Popper made the folksy thing cool way before Mumford And Sons.
97. “Let Her Cry”-Hootie And The Blowfish: Not their biggest hit, but my personal favorite off of one the best albums of this generation in Cracked Rear View.
96. “Save Tonight”-Eagle Eye Cherry: Extremely catchy tune about the beauty off one last fun filled night.
95. “Sell Out”-Reel Big Fish: Ska had a nice run in the nineties and RBF were the second best in the genre.
94. “Don’t Speak”-No Doubt: Biggest hit from one of the decade’s best bands.
93. “Set Adrift On Memory Bliss”-PM Dawn: This song always sparks the reaction…”oh yeah I love that song!”
92. “Jump Around”-House Of Pain: Who knows, maybe this was the song that inspired Eminem to become a rapper?
91. “Mr. Wendal”-Arrested Development: Tennessee was a bigger hit, but I love this song much more.
90. “Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta”- Geto Boys: Made famous from the movie Office Space, I love the laid back approach they have in delivering the lyrics.

89. “Summertime”-Will Smith and DJ Jazy Jeff: This was my middle school summer anthem, except I didn’t have a car to wax or cruise in at two miles an hour.
88. “I’ll Be”-Edwin McCain: Admit it…you have some fond memory somewhere along the line of slow dancing with a hottie to this, the slow songs of all slow songs in the nineties.
87. “High And Dry”-Radiohead: This song is so simple yet so powerful.
86. “More Human Than Human”-White Zombie: Just plain and simple…this song is badass. Can’t think of a better locker room pump up song.
85. “Sunny Came Home”-Shawn Colvin: Just one of those songs you can’t ever turn off.
84. “Runaway Train”-Soul Asylum: Iconic video for the song catapulted it’s popularity about lost children. One great aspect of nineties music is that many artists started tackling real life issues in their songs, and this was one of the most powerful.
83. “Creep”-Radiohead: The most famous guitar riff in history?

82. “Come As You Are”-Nirvana: Nobody needs to be reminded of how innovative and ground breaking Nirvana was in music. Kurt Cobain’s lyrics were so simple yet so powerful in this number.
81. “Celebrity Skin”-Hole: Courtney Love and the crew hit the jackpot with this album, also titled Celebrity Skin, as the songs were catchy and so easy to listen to.
80. “Jeremy”-Pearl Jam: Another tough issue being tackled in teen bullying and suicide, as the video was maybe the most powerful video of the decade.
79. “What’s Up”-Four Non Blondes: Another 90’s gem that sparks up a room whenever it comes on.
78. “I Want It That Way”-Backstreet Boys: This is the only boy band song I can allow in good conscience, but it’s definitely deserving.
77. “November Rain”-Guns N Roses: Another case where the epic video catapulted the song, I mean, how hot was Stephanie Seymour?
76. “Malibu”-Hole: Another infectious number that illustrated the wide range of Courtney Love.
75. “Last Kiss”-Pearl Jam: Who would have thought this little cover of a 60’s tune would blow up the way it did?
74. “I’m Gonna Be(500 Miles)”-The Proclaimers: Simply one of the best choruses of this generation.
73. “Glycerine”-Bush: My favorite song, off one the greatest debut albums in rock history in Sixteen Stones.

72. “One Week”-Barenaked Ladies: Chickity China-The Chinese Chicken…enough said.
71. “Santa Monica”-Everclear: My favorite tune from a very underrated band.
70. “No Rain”-Blind Melon: A staple song on almost every 90’s compilation album.
69. “Inside Out”-Eve 6: One of the most recognizable songs of the decade.
68. “Impression That I Get”-The Mighty Mighty Bosstones: Ska became very popular in the nineties, and the Bosstones were by far the best of the movement.
67. “When I Come Around”-Green Day: I feel this song takes a back seat to others on the album unjustly.
66. “Closing Time”-Semisonic: As cheesy as the premise is, “every new beginning comes from some other beginning’ end” is a great line.
65. “Lithium”-Nirvana: I mean they only named a 90’s alternative satellite radio station after the song.
64. “This Is How We Do It”-Montell Jordan: Is there a better song to put on before a night out?

63. “All Over You”-Live: Live had numerous hits in the nineties that didn’t quite make the cut, but this one was my favorite.
62. “1979”-Smashing Pumpkins: The Pumpkins were in a class of their own in the nineties, and the blistering double disc Melancholy And The Infinite Sadness was one of the best of the decade.
61. “Always Be My Baby”-Mariah Carey: Call it a guilty pleasure, but I love me some Mariah.
60. “Ants Marching”-Dave Mathews Band: DMB burst on the scene in 94 behind the strength of Ants, and continued on as the biggest band of the nineties.
59. “Down”-311: The nineties brought about the rap/rock genre, and Down was possibly the best song of this particular genre.
58. “Doo Wop(That Thing)”-Lauryn Hill: Hill was one the most iconic women’s voices of the decade, and this was her best work.
57. “#1 Crush”-Garbage: Another band that had a great decade, this song is maybe the grittiest stripped down love song I’ve ever heard.
56. “Fly”-Sugar Ray: Like it or not, this song was everywhere in the nineties. If you gave Sugar Ray a chance, they actually put out some other great stuff.
55. “Graduate”-Third Eye Blind: Seems like one out of every two teen related movies in the nineties sported this hit on their soundtrack.
54. “Gangsta’s Paradise”-Coolio: Maybe a tad cheesy, but Coolio hit the jackpot with this song off of the Dangerous Minds soundtrack.
53. “Slide”-Goo Goo Dolls: The second major hit off of Dizzy Up The Girl, and still a staple song in nearly every cover band’s repertoire.
52. “Loser”-Beck: Beck burst onto the scene with this groundbreaking hit that nobody knew how to even categorize into a genre.

51. “Scar Tissue”-Red Hot Chili Peppers: What sets this song apart is the beautiful guitar rift.
50. “Hypnotize”-Notorious B.I.G: Biggie last single before he was murdered, and he definitely left on top of the world.
49. “Ironic”-Alanis Morissette: Great lyrics, infectious hook, and the video was pretty cool too.
48. “Lucky Man”-The Verve: It’s really ashame the Verve feel off the face of the Earth, as this song illustrates their immense talent.
47. “Black Or White”-Michael Jackson: In my opinion Michael had a down decade in the nineties, with exception of Black Or White.
46. “Enter Sandman”-Metallica: Probably the most recognizable Metallica song in their catalog, this song makes you want to run through walls.
45. “Today”-Smashing Pumpkins: This was the song that put the Pumpkins on the map in the early nineties.
44. “Waterfalls”-TLC: Great song, great video, RIP Left Eye.
43. “Bitter Sweet Symphony”-The Verve: Who cares they kind of stole the arrangement part, this song is and will always be a classic.
42. “A Letter To Elise”-The Cure: There may not be a better song to play when your depressed about a relationship.
41. “One”-U2: Many people put this song as a top five of the decade, I’m not that high on it, but a staple of nineties pop.
40. “Fade Into You”-Mazzy Star: One of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.
39. “Got Your Money”-ODB: One of the dirtiest songs I’ve ever heard, but equally as great.

38. “Big Poppa”-Notorious B.I.G: This song even gets the white guys on the dance floor.
37. “Fantasy”-Mariah Carey: Just a fun song that never gets old.
36. “Friday I’m In Love”-The Cure: The Cure step out from behind the depression and produce this catchy pop hit that you can’t get enough of.
35. “Don’t Look Back In Anger”-Oasis: The first of three Oasis hits to make this list, and many would argue them as the number band of the decade.
34. “Gin And Juice”-Snoop Dogg: This was Snoop’s first mega hit on his own, which proved he was here to stay.
33. “Fast Car”-Tracy Chapman: You can always judge a song’s greatness by how many different artists cover the song, and with Fast Car there have been countless versions.

32. “Two Princes”-Spin Doctors: The chorus with the hook of “just go ahead now” caught on fire, and still gets people singing along today.
31. “Perfect”-Smashing Pumpkins: Not a huge commercial hit single, but it’s my favorite Pumpkins song.
30. “What I Got”-Sublime: Sublime was easily one of the most influential bands of the nineties.
29. “Good”-Better Than Ezra: Such a simple hook…na ugh ugh!
28. “Iris”-Goo Goo Dolls: Mega hit doesn’t come close to describing the success of this song.
27. “You Oughta Know”-Alanis Morisette: Alanis raised some eyebrows with her piercing lyrics in a time where women singers hadn’t really crossed that bridge yet.
26. “Good Riddance”-Green Day: The quintessential graduation song.
25. “Crash Into Me”-Dave Mathews Band: Dave’s subtle sexual innuendos in his lyrics are what I love most about the band.
24. “California Love”-2Pac: The anthem for West Coast rap.
23. “Everlong”-Foo Fighters: I feel like this song had a huge Nirvana influence in the lyrics, either way great song.

22. “Hey Jealousy”-Gin Blossoms: “Let the cops chase us around,” was one of the most famous lines of the decade.
21. “Babylon”-David Gray: I still feel like this song is underrated despite getting a ton of airplay.
20. “Nuthin But A “G” Thang”-Dr. Dre/Snoop Dogg: This is a song that makes people who hate rap actually give it a chance.
19. “Round Here”-Counting Crows: Play this song on a jukebox and watch how fast a singalong breaks out.
18. “Live Forever”- Oasis: As far as the Oasis catalog goes, I feel this song is under appreciated.
17. “Under The Bridge”-Red Hot Chili Peppers: I always associate Keidis running in this video to Benny The Jet getting chased by the Beast in The Sandlot.
16. “If I Ever Leave This World Alive”-Flogging Molly: This is just an amazing song.

15. “You Get What You Give”-New Radicals: When I think nineties, this is one of the first songs that pop into my head. I really wish these guys came out with more material.
14. “It Was A Good Day”-Ice Cube: “Get me on the court and I’m trouble…” I use that line every time I walk onto a basketball court.
13. “Dammit”-Blink 182: The hit that introduced us to Blink, and still my personal favorite of theirs after all these years.
12. “Laid”-James: There is definitely something to be said about gimmicks in songs, and the high pitched chorus in Laid is a perfect example.
11. “Yellow Ledbettor”-Pearl Jam: This song might be higher on the list if anybody knew what the hell Vedder was saying.
10. “I Will Always Love You”-Whitney Houston: You’re not American if you don’t like this song.
9. “Shimmer”-Fuel: I absolutely wore out my Fuel cassette tape listening to this song over and over.
8. “A Long December”-Counting Crows: To me this is songwriting at its best.
7. “Semi Charmed Life”-Third Eye Blind: Very well might be the most popular cover band song of the past fifteen years.
6. “Mr. Jones”-Counting Crows: No wonder lead singer Adam Duritz got to bang every hot A list actress of the nineties, he’s a genius.
5. “Jumper”-Third Eye Blind: I’ve come to appreciate this song so much more over the years. When you see them play it live, it’s worth the price of admission.
4. “Cryin”-Aerosmith: Somehow the video actually overshadowed how fantastic the song is.
3. “Juicy”-Notorious B.I.G: This will always be my number one rap song of alltime.

2. “Smells Like Teen Spirit”-Nirvana: It would be completely repetitive to mention how innovative and mind blowing this song was, everyone already knows.
1. “Wonderwall”-Oasis: When I think nineties, this is the poster child for the decade in music.

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