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Week 12 was a wild one in the NFL. With playoff positions starting to fall into place, every game down the stretch seems like a must win. The top five spots in the AFC are all but sewn up, with only the AFC West really up for grabs. That leaves a field of six teams fighting for the six and final playoff spot. The Ravens find themselves right in the mix for that final spot, sitting at 5-6.

The NFC playoff picture is much more jumbled with really only Seattle having their division locked up. The Saints have Carolina nipping at their heels with two matchups against them in the next month. The North and East are also up for grabs with a slew of 6-5 teams vying for division crowns. Unlike the AFC, the teams fighting for wild card spots are sitting at 7-4 or better, this shows how much better the NFC is this year.

With five weeks to go, it promises to be a very competitive race to the playoffs throughout the NFL. We as fans have been treated to some great games this year, and maybe none more exciting than the Pats making a huge comeback against the Broncos last night. Maybe it was so exciting because I had a ton on New England last night, but regardless it was a great comeback. I’m predicting that Denver fades a bit down the stretch as the weather gets worse. I don’t think Peyton’s health will keep up through the tough winter football. However, Denver did have an impressive rushing performance last night, something I didn’t think they could sustain against a tough opponent, but they proved me wrong. Moreno gashed the Pats defense for over 220 yards on 37 carries. It will be interesting to see if their game plans continue in this same fashion, as perhaps they know Manning’s health is very delicate.

San Diego really exposed Kansas City yesterday by dropping 41 on them at Arrowhead. The Chiefs have all of a sudden forgot how to rush the passer (though having their two pro-bowl pass rushers get hurt this week didn’t help) , as they have recorded only one sack in the last three weeks. The Chiefs simply don’t have the firepower on offense to win a shoot-out with anybody. The Chargers are the most dangerous team in my mind to the Ravens playoff hopes. They both stand at 5-6 right now, with four of their final five games at home.

Somebody that is underrated is Tony Romo. He led a near flawless drive down the field in New York to put the Giants away for the season. Dallas let the Giants back in the game, as New York tied the game with four minutes left to go. New York had all the momentum in the world and Romo put an abrupt halt to all of it. He methodically picked the Giants secondary apart as he drove Dallas the length of the field for the game winning field goal as time expired. It was impressive and deserving of more praise then he will receive.

This is Wendes Romo, underrated Latin singer.

It’s interesting to see the resurgence of some of these bad teams like Tampa, Minnesota, and Jacksonville. The Bucs have strung three wins in a row after starting the season 0-8, and even the lowly Jags have won two of their last three. Maybe only Houston is lying down to win the Teddy Bridgewater sweepstakes, as I don’t see anybody playing less inspiring football then the Texans. It can be very sobering to see how fast a franchise can take a dive into rebuilding mode. How many division winners last year are falling right to the basement this year? Houston, Atlanta, and Washington are all prime candidates for that unhappy scenario.

Have there ever been two more Jekyll and Hyde teams then St Louis and Indy? I have never seen more unpredictable teams in the NFL. They can blow out upper echelon teams one week, and then come back and look like a New Mexico St Team playing the Crimson Tide. As a handicapper there is nothing scarier than a volatile team like either the Rams or Colts.


To list the teams as contenders or pretenders, I see it like this. Contenders-Hawks, Saints, Panthers, Pats, Broncos, and whoever rises up from the wild card race. Pretenders-Colts, Chiefs, Bengals, Lions, Niners, Eagles, Cowboys, and Bears. I could easily see the team gets hot to win that sixth spot in the AFC  make some noise in the playoffs, as they will get to start most likely against either the Colts or Bengals, who I’m not sold on.

Let’s all get together and hope really hard that it’s the Ravens who have the light bulb come on and take hold of that last playoff spot. I can’t remember what it’s like to be watching winter football without planning how to get playoff tickets in the next city the Ravens are playing in. C’mon Ravens!

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