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by Babes
Everybody seems to be doing these lists, especially with the latest, “Tom Brady isn’t in the top five” ESPN list.  So I’ve decided to jump in the ranking pool and rank the 32 starting quarterbacks in the NFL.  My criteria is a little different from the norm though, as I’m ranking them in regards to how I see their production in this coming year; this list is not just based on last year’s performances. I am predicting production, babes.  For example, I have two Super Bowl winning quarterbacks in the top ten, in Flacco and Eli, despite the fact that both of them had awful years last year. I am predicting their production for 2014 and I see them bouncing back to their true form this year.

Here we go:

2014 Predicted Production List aka Top 32 NFL Quarterbacks
1. Drew Brees: Brees is the only QB in NFL history with multiple 5000 yard seasons and he has done it four times. Brees is on top of his game and shows no signs of slowing down.  Saints lose Darren Sproles, but draft Brandin Cooks.  Offensive machine.

  “Number 1?  Gee, thanks, Babes.”
2. Aaron Rodgers: Rodgers is widely regarded as the best QB in the NFL, and deservedly so, but I can’t put him ahead of Brees based on the aforementioned multiple 5000 yard seasons. What I can say is that Rodgers is by far the most efficient QB in the NFL.

3. Peyton Manning: The old man had a record-breaking season last year, but I wonder if there will be any ill effects from that disastrous Super Bowl performance lingering into this year.  That shit was hideous.

4. Tom Brady: As much as we love to hate his ass, Brady is still one of the four elite quarterbacks in the game today. There is a definite top-tier of passers that ends with Tom Brady, no matter what PFF and ESPN say.

5. Andrew Luck: Luck is the best of the next tier of extremely good pro bowl level quarterbacks, and he will must certainly one day be at the top of this list. Can you believe this will only be his third season?  Will he be the first 30 million dollar per year QB?

6. Phillip Rivers: Rivers got back to his pro bowl form last year under the tutelage of Ken Whisenhunt. His ugly ass throwing motion may still make him the most accurate passer in the NFL, as he is always in the top of the league in completion percentage.

7. Matt Stafford:  Another ascending talent, Stafford gets two more shiny new toys to play with this year in Golden Tate and Eric Ebron.

8. Ben Roethlisberger: It really does pain me to do this, but for fear of seeming like a homer I will list Big Ben just slightly ahead of Joe.  Only because Ben has shown the ability to get the job done in spite of a bad supporting cast.

9. Joe Flacco: Joe had a bad year last year, but you can give at least three very valid reasons why. He had a terrible offensive line, no running game whatsoever, and an inexperienced set of receivers. Oh and by the way, he’s a Super Bowl MVP.

10. Eli Manning: Eli also had a terrible season last year, but that doesn’t trump the fact that he has won two Super Bowls. I fully expect Eli to have a bounce back year and return to his pro bowl form.

11. Matt Ryan: Ryan suffered through a hard luck season last year. Roddy White was hampered by injuries all year, and Julio Jones was lost for the year with a foot injury.

12. Russell Wilson: The guy has through the roof intangibles that ooze out of his game. He’s not gonna post gaudy numbers, but he will be there to win the game when it matters.

13. Nick Foles: 27-2 touchdown to interception ratio is no joke, but I wonder how much of a system quarterback Foles really is. I need another year to fully judge his ability.

14. Cam Newton: He really came into his own last year when he out-dueled Tom Brady on a Monday night. Cam is definitely developing into a top flight signal caller.

15. Tony Romo: You can’t dispute his numbers, or surprisingly, his fourth quarter efficiency. What you can dispute is his inability to take the Cowboys to the next level of playoff success.

16. Colin Kaepernick: The guy wins and he is extremely talented. The problem with Kaepernick is that he makes way to many bone-headed mistakes. Like for instance, attacking Richard Sherman on an early down bomb to the end zone on that final drive in the NFC Championship game last year.

17. Jay Cutler: Cutler very well might be the most talented quarterback in the game today. But the gunslinger mentality has spawned very few playoff trips in his career.

18. Robert Griffin III: After really suffering through a sophomore slump, I’m very curious to see how RG3 bounces back this year. The potential is still there for him to be elite.

19. Andy Dalton: Dalton posted very solid numbers last regular season, but he simply can’t get the job done in the postseason at an abysmal 0-3.

20. Carson Palmer: With an improved offensive line, and another year of Bruce Arians’ offense under his belt, I think Carson can have a pro bowl caliber year.

21. Alex Smith: Mr. Game Manager himself. Alex Smith knows how to execute Andy Reid’s offense effectively, but he is simply not a game changer.

22. Ryan Tannehill: The guy looks the part, but never seems to get his team over the hump. How long will the Dolphins put up with his mediocrity?

23. Sam Bradford: I think Bradford can be very successful this year behind a much improved offensive line and the Rams strong running game. Now, can he stay healthy?

24. Josh McCown: He had a stellar six game run in a relief performance last year, but can he actually be the guy for an entire season?

25. Matt Schaub: Mr. Pick Six himself!  Schaub does however have a ton of experience and can manage and execute a game plan.(key word manage)

26. Chad Henne: I actually think that if Henne wasn’t stuck on such a terrible team he could be a good starting quarterback in this league. However, he might be allowed to get through October before Bortles  replaces him.

27. Geno Smith: Smith has ability but he simply throws too many picks. Will be interesting to see how he performs with Michael Vick nipping at his heels.

28. Jake Locker: Another case of a guy who has never stayed healthy an entire year. It will be interesting to see if Whisenhunt can resurrect his career the same way he did with Rivers last year.

29. Matt Cassell:  Cassell played very well down the stretch last year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a good season out of him, but he won’t make it through a full season with Bridgewater on deck.

30. Ryan Fitzpatrick: Can’t believe he ever got a big contract. Fitz will throw some TD’s but he will cancel them out with a ton of interceptions.

31. EJ Manuel: His rookie season was marred with injuries. I’m anxious to see how he bounces back this year with a shiny new toy in Sammy Watkins.

32. Brian Hoyer: Hoyer looked like he was on his way to a great season last year when the ACL went. He’ll never get a legitimate shot, Johnny Football will step in by week four.

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