Babes: My 10 Favorite Philip Seymour Hoffman Roles

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by Babes

Lost in all the Super Bowl festivities Sunday was the loss of one of today’s greatest actors, Phillip Seymour Hoffman.  PSH died of an apparent drug overdose at his apartment in New York.  They found the needle still in his arm so maybe it’s not just apparent.  Tragically,  he was just 46 years old.
PSH was such a versatile actor.  He could play anything from a leading man to closeted gay grip guy on a porn set.  He won an Academy award for his portrayal of Truman Capote, but my favorite PSH roles were his smaller character actor roles where he would routinely steal every scene he was in.  Here are my ten favorite PSH roles.
10.  Mission Impossible III: He plays a great villain opposite Tom Cruise.

9.  Ides Of March: Personally, I thought this movie was distinctly average, but the good part of it was PSH against another great character actor, Paul Giamatti, as rival campaign managers.

8.  Red Dragon: As the slimy tabloid reporter Freddy Lowns, PSH is fabulous flying down the street in a burning wheelchair.

7.  Moneyball:  He gives a seething performance as the hard headed manager Art Howe of the Oakland A’s.

6.  Before The Devil Knows Your Dead:  Could have gone without seeing him railing Marisa Tomei doggystyle, but he was great as a guy who stages the robbery of his own parent’s jewelry store.

5.  Owning Mahowny:  He portrays the real life bank manager from Canada that embezzles millions of dollars to feed his gambling addiction.

4.  Boogie Nights: Who can forget Scotty J, the guy who secretly had the hots for Dirk Diggler.  This role showed how vulnerable as an actor PSH could be.

3.  Almost Famous: To me, this was his breakout role as Lester Bangs, the famous rock and roll reporter who knew he wasn’t cool.  He really only had a few scenes in the movie, but they were so memorable.  “You made friends with them didn’t you?”

2.  Charlie Wilson’s War:  How he didn’t get an academy award for his portrayal of Gust Avrakotos, the over eager, not so personable, CIA agent is beyond me.  This role is the epitome of PSH as actor in my mind.

1.  Along Came Polly:  Yeah the movie sucked, but he is so fucking funny as Ben Stiller’s best friend who is so delusional about his own “fame”, that he has a film crew follow him to film his true Hollywood story.  The scene where they are playing basketball is one of my favorite comedic scenes of all time, and who can forget that he invented the term sharting

He will be sorely missed, as his best work was undoubtedly still ahead of him.

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