Babes Music Review: Burnt Sienna Is The Area’s Best Cover Band

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by Babes

Chances are you’ve seen Burnt Sienna before somewhere along the line.  Whether at Seacrets in Ocean City, the Bottle and Cork in Dewey, Power Plant Live or at one of the Looney’s Pub locations throughout the greater Baltimore area, Burnt Sienna is playing the area on the regular.  But if you haven’t yet had the pleasure, you need to plan a night out to check them out.  They are one of the few cover bands that would dictate where I decide to drown myself in alcohol on any particular evening; they are that good.

Because of where I work, I’ve seen two cover bands a week for over ten years now. Needless to say, that’s a lot of cover acts, and Burnt Sienna ranks very near the top of all of them.  A five piece act, their range goes from Muse to Peter Gabriel to Biggie Smalls and everything in between.  The last time I saw them they blasted out all the newest pop songs from alternative, to an emo screaming version of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball.”  They are perfect at striking a balance between new pop stuff, rock, and hip-hop favorites.  Many bands out there now try to be just a top forty countdown, but BS finds the time to throw in classics from multiple eras.  Last night they belted out “Two Princes” by The Spin Doctors and “Don’t Look Back In Anger” by Oasis, two great 90’s throwbacks.  Those are types of song selections that make a cover show for me.

But perhaps the best part and the staple of all BS shows is the “Juicy/Tiny Dancer” medley mashup.  Mixing Biggie with Elton John, I mean c’mon babestime favorite songs mashed up together is enough to make a show on its own for me, but they don’t stop there.  Recently they ripped a version of “Mr. Lover” by Shaggy and I had to do a double take to make sure the DJ wasn’t playing.  Sure enough it was the band playing and the lead singer sounded exactly like the deep-voiced Shaggy, which is what you should expect from a great cover.

Overall Burnt Sienna puts on a fun, energy filled show, and you can’t help but have a great time.  I know I’ll be anxiously awaiting their next visit.  If you appreciate a great cover band, be sure to check out Burnt Sienna.

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