Babes Gives You His Top Bands Of The Nineties

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(editor’s note: This is Babes’ list, and Babes’ list only. )
We were blessed with some fantastic music in the nineties. I’m in my early thirties, and it’s weird for me to see the music I grew up with is now basically considered classic. It’s the like 90’s music is the new 80’s music. I guess that’s how this whole time thing works, but it’s still weird to me. I should have gotten the hint when “90’s” cover band started popping up in every bar.

I wanted to compile a list of the best 90’s bands. I only included bands that really made their bones in the nineties so no Aerosmith, U2, Metallica etc. All those bands were well established before 1990. Some of these bands I don’t like personally, but I’m trying to be as objective as I can. Every band on this list deserves to be recognized and respected as a top 90’s band.
50. Blur-The Euro punk boys made it big with their hit that was probably the simplest hook of all time.
Babes Favorite Number: Song 2
49. Stroke 9-One of my personal favorite bands, Stroke 9 came on the scene in the late nineties with their Nasty Little Thoughts Album behind the strength of the single “Little Black Backpack.” A staple of any “90’s” cover band’s set                                     .
BFN: Washin + Wonderin


48. Reel Big Fish-A ska band from Huntington Beach, Reel Big Fish had a size able hit with “Sell Out,” but I enjoyed them most for their ska infused covers.
BFN: Take On Me(Cover)
47. Matthew Sweet-If you watched a nineties movie, I guarantee you heard a Matthew Sweet song playing in the background during it.
BFN: Sick Of Myself

46. Our Lady Peace-The unmistakable deep voice of lead singer Raine Maida is my favorite aspect of OLP. They had two big hits with “Superman’s Dead” and “Clumsy.”
BFN: Clumsy
45. Sugar Ray-Yes they had an annoying hit in “Fly” but it’s their next album that I really enjoyed. You can’t deny that Mark McGrath’s vocals are very easy on the ears when they go back to the well on those infectious pop melodies.
BFN: Falls Apart


44. Alice In Chains-Not at all a personal favorite, but you can’t deny the talent the Seattle group had working.
BFN: Man In The Box

43. Sponge-Another gritty alternative rock band with a unique sound, they enjoyed their most success in the mid nineties with two singles off their first album “plowed” and “Molly.”
BFN: Molly
42. Hole-Kourtney Love and crew were underrated in my opinion. Their Celebrity Skin album is actually one of my favorites of the decade.
BFN: Malibu

41. White Zombie-Can’t say I like heavy metal much, but White Zombie was badass. I remember listening to “More Human Then Human” in the locker room before storming the football field. I felt like I could run through a brick wall after listening to it.
BFN: More Human Then Human
40. Collective Soul-I was never a huge fan of their work, but they were a good band. With huge hits like “Shine” and “The World I Know,” they have to be included in this list.
39. The Verve-I never heard anything from these guys other than the two songs I love in “Lucky Man” and “Bittersweet Symphony.”
BFN: Lucky Man

38. Marvelous 3-Butch Walker and crew were one of the best live acts I ever had the pleasure of attending. Although they disbanded after only two albums, their “Hey Album” is one of my all-time favorites.
BFN: You’re So Yesterday


37. 311-Their blend of rap/rock on their first single “Down” was unique at the time, although it has been played out to the extent ever since.
BFN: Beautiful Disaster

36. Fuel-Brett Scallions and crew enjoyed much success in the mid to late nineties before he developed throat problems. It was rumored that Chris Daughtry was at one point going to replace him. I’m not sure their was a bigger alternative rock song in the nineties then “Shimmer.”
BFN: Shimmer
35. Nine Inch Nails-Once again not one of my favorites, but everyone wants to “fuck someone like an animal.”
BFN: Head Like A Hole

34. Everclear-Another band that would absolutely win you over live as their energy was unbelievable.
BFN: Santa Monica
33. Soundgarden-Lead singer Chris Cornell has one of those unique voices that’s unmistakable.
BFN: Fell On Black Days

32. Blues Traveler-John Popper and the boys had a great thing going in the mid nineties with hits like “Run Round,” and “Hook.” The blues vibe was a nice change up from the heavy Seattle alternative scene that was prevalent at the time.
BFN: But Anyway


31. Eve 6-Another so cal band, some label as a one hit wonder. “Inside Out” was a huge hit, but Eve 6 made a great second album as well that didn’t enjoy the commercial success of their first, however it’s worth the time.
BFN: Think Twice
30. Garbage-Most people don’t realize it, but Garbage had a ton of hits in the nineties. Their first two albums spawned seven successful singles. When you feel depressed, listening to Garbage is like embracing it rather then wallowing in it.
BFN: #1 Crush



29. Stone Temple Pilots-Think what they could have been if Scott Weiland had stayed off heroin. Or maybe they wouldn’t have been as good. I don’t know?
BFN: Sex Type Thing

28. REM-They are one of two bands I included in this list that didn’t get their start in the nineties. To me REM wasn’t much more then a college radio station band before 91 when Out Of Time came out.
BFN: It’s The End Of The World As We Know It

27. Gin Blossoms-The New Miserable Experience album was one of my first CD’s. They were so easy to listen to, and still to this day remain one of my favorite bands(remember I’m a big fan of pussy rock.)
BFN: Found Out About You
26. Matchbox Twenty-Bursting onto the scene in 96 with Yourself Or Someone Like You, they nearly took over the world going twelve time platinum. Even though it would be their only album released in the decade, they still were a huge part of it.
BFN: Back 2 Good
25. Barenaked Ladies-A good time Canadian band, BNL had a few huge hits in the nineties. It was with the album Stunt in 98 that they really took off as superstars behind the infectious tune “One Week.”
BFM: Brian Wilson
24. No Doubt-Their third album Tragic Kingdom blew up behind the strength of “Don’t Speak,” which spent 16 weeks at number 1 on the Billboard Charts.
BFN: Sunday Morning
23. Mighty Mighty Bosstones-Although huge underground, The Bosstones didn’t hit it big nationally until 97 with Let’s Face It. The Ska/punk rockers had a unique blend that caught fire for them with “The Impression That I Get.”
BFN: Royal Oil



22. The Offspring-Another Cali band that helped bring back punk rock in the nineties. Their album Smash was perfectly titled because it was just that; a commercial smash.
BFN: Bad Habit
21. Weezer-A very interesting story with Weezer, as they had a huge debut in ’94 with their self titled album, and then didn’t reappear commercially until the early 2000’s. But Weezer’s Blue Album is one of my favorite albums of all time.
BFN: The World Has Turned And Left Me Here

20. Rage Against The Machine- Once again not a personal favorite, but they had a ton of talent. Lead guitarist Tom Morello is one of this generation’s best.
BFN: Bulls On Parade
19. Sublime-You simply weren’t cool in high school unless you knew every Sublime song. Never have I encountered a band so vital to your social status.
BFN: April 26th 1992


18. Blink 182-“Dammit” still remains one of my favorite songs. Blink was on the radar with Dude Ranch, but they exploded behind the success of Enema Of The State in 99.
BFN: Dammit
17. Bush-Their breakout debut album Sixteen Stones was one the biggest hits of the decade. With single after single Bush immediately was a mainstay on rock radio stations.
BFN: Comedown
16. Better Then Ezra-One of my top five favorite bands period, BTE’s Deluxe debut album featured one of the biggest hits of the decade with “Good.” They never repeated the commercial success of Deluxe, but they still churned out some of the decade’s best songs like “Desperately Wanting” and “In The Blood.”
BFN: This Time Of Year

15. Beck- One of the most diverse artists of this generation. Beck hit it big with “Loser” and has been reinventing himself ever since.
BFN: Lost Cause
14. Radiohead-Thom Yorke and his crew are responsible for arguably two of the most recognizable songs of the nineties with “Creep” and “Karma Police.” Always outside the box, Radiohead is quite possibly one the top five most talented bands on this list.
BFN: High And Dry
13. Live-The alt rockers out of central PA, were mainstays on the charts throughout the nineties. Their Throwing Copper album spawned multiple singles like “Lightning Crashes” and “Selling The Drama.”
BFN: All Over You
12. Goo Goo Dolls-What started out as a punk band from Buffalo, ended up being one of the dons of pussy rock. Right up my ally of course, they first hit the mainstream with “Name” off their fifth album. The formula worked and their song “Iris” off of their multi platinum sixth album Dizzy Up The Girl catapulted the dolls to the A list of pop music.
BFN: Slide
11. Hootie And The Blowfish-You couldn’t run or hide from Hootie and the boys from South Carolina in the mid nineties. They were literally everywhere when their Cracked Rear View Mirror came out and it seemed like every track was on the radio.   BFN: Let Her Cry


10. Foo Fighters-Dave Grohl started Foo Fighters out as a solo project in ’95, playing every instrument on the first album. Off the success of the first album, Grohl put a band together and all they did was become one of the biggest bands of all time. They’re only ranked at ten because a major part of their success occurred in the 2000’s, but off the strength of their second album The Colour And The Shape, Grohl and the crew firmly planted themselves at the top of the rock world.
BFM: My Hero

9. Pearl Jam-If Nirvana was the #1 innovator of grunge in the early nineties, Pearl Jam was 1A. Their debut Ten was powered by the grunge anthems “Jeremy” and “Even Flow,” and has sold over 13 million copies. Pearl Jam continued their success all through the nineties and are still mainstays on the rock charts today.
BFM: Better Man
8. Oasis-The brothers Gallagher may have hated each other, but they made fantastic music together. Some even ventured to say they were the best thing in invade America from across the pond since The Beatles. No they didn’t live up to that billing, but they did churn out countless songs that help define the decade.
BFN: Live Forever

7. Green Day-Yes their formula was simple back then, three chords, Tre Cool whaling away on his drum set, and Billy Joe belting out lyrics in his best fake British punk accent. It took until their third album, but Dookie exploded behind the strength of singles “Longview” and “When I Come Round,” and with the success of the video for “Basket Case.” Green Day has since evolved into one of the best bands of this generation.
BFN: Pulling Teeth
6. Smashing Pumpkins-It was their second album Siamese Dream that thrust the Pumpkins into stardom. So much so that their next double album Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness debuted at number one, and is certainly in the conversation for best album of the decade. The Pumpkins versatility is what I always admired the most about them.
BFN: Stand Inside Your Love

5. Third Eye Blind-It takes a lot for me to not put 3eb at number one, seeing as they’re my favorite band. But even I can recognize that there were better bands in the nineties. 3eb came on the scene in ’97 with their self titled album that spawned four huge singles including “Semi Charmed Life.” What you can’t change my mind on is that their first album was the best album of the nineties.                3eb
BFN: I Want You
4. Nirvana-Widely known as one of the best bands of all time, Nirvana’s tenure was cut short by the suicide of head man Kurt Cobain. I ranked them at four because all the bands ahead of them had three major successful albums in the decade. But on talent alone, Nirvana was number one.
BFN: Scentless Apprentice

3. Red Hot Chili Peppers-Although the Chili Peppers got their start in the mid eighties, their stardom took off in ’91 with Blood Sugar Sex Magik. They went on to release three monster albums in the nineties, with epic anthems like “Give It Away” and “Under The Bridge” powering their rise to the top of the alternative charts.
BFN: Soul To Squeeze

2. Counting Crows-With three monster albums spanning the decade, the Crows have sold more than twenty million records. Songs like “Mr. Jones,” “Round Here,” and “A Long December” make up a list of some of the very best songs of the era. Not to mention lead singer Adam Duritz gave hope to normal guys everywhere by sleeping with most of the Hollywood A list stars of the day.
BFN: Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby


1. Dave Mathews Band-This one to me isn’t even close. DMB opened the door for many contemporary artists by blending multiple genres of music under the scope of pop. Their legendary live shows are another major factor in DMB being the biggest band of the nineties. After over 30 million records sold, and six consecutive studio albums to debut at number 1, DMB is still one of the biggest bands in the world.
BFN: Say Goodbye


cover: seattle pi


  1. blink-182 #1, hands down

  2. FACT: there is a direct correlation between Stone Temple Pilots success and the amount of heroin Scott Weiland had in his body at the time.

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