Babes’ Fantasy Football Mock Draft: Rounds Two and Three

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by Babes
Round One is in the books, so now it’s on to rounds Two and Three. These rounds are where you need to continue getting stud players.  Don’t feel like you have to take a running back in round two just because you didn’t take one in round one.  BPA, people.  BPA, or, Best Player Available, that’s what will ensure you a solid team.

Round 2:
11.  Gronky Kong: Marshawn Lynch

12.  Roddy By Nature:  DeMarco Murray

13.  I Pitta The Fool:  AJ Green

14.  Fifty Shades Of Ray:  Gio Bernard

15.  Johnny Welker:  Julio Jones

16.  Fleener Schnitzel:  Jordy Nelson


17.  Dustin The Serial Keller:  Brandon Marshall


18.  Witten In Stone:  Antonio Brown

19.  Freemason Crosby:  Alfred Morris

20.  Sandusky’s Day Care:  Peyton Manning


Round 3

21.  Sandusky’s Day Care:  Randall Cobb


22.  Freemason Crosby:  Alshon Jeffrey


23.  Witten In Stone:  Aaron Rodgers

24.  Dustin The Serial Keller:  Drew Brees

25.  Fleener Schnitzel:  Doug Martin

26.  Johnny Welker:  Rob Gronkowski

27.  Fifty Shades Of Ray:  Julius Thomas

28.  I Pitta The Fool:  Zac Stacy

29.  Roddy By Nature:  Andre Ellington

30.  Gronky Kong: Arian Foster

In a ten team league, quarterbacks and tight ends are a different animal than in bigger leagues.  With quarterback, the position is slightly devalued because there are only ten QBs in the league that can start any given week.  There are clearly ten plus excellent starting quarterbacks, so I don’t mind one bit waiting til the middle rounds.  If one of the top three elite fantasy QBs falls to the end of the second round, that’s when I would feel comfortable taking one.  But even then only after all elite running backs and first tier stud wideouts are off the board.

With tight ends, I’m either taking one of the top three, or waiting to take two middle of the road tight ends later on.  Top three being Graham in the first, Gronk in the early third, or Thomas in the late third.  I just don’t see the value in taking Jordan Cameron, Vernon Davis, or Jason Witten in the middle rounds.

Arian Foster is falling fast down my board, and it’s looking more and more like he’ll be a player I don’t own in any leagues. His name will spawn somebody to draft him much higher than he should go.  He is already nursing nagging little injuries that almost always morph into major ones.

Overall in the top 30, I have three Quarterbacks, three tight ends, ten receivers, and fourteen running backs.

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