Babes’ Fantasy Football Mock Draft: First Round

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by Babes
In the upcoming weeks before the start of the season, I, Babes, will conduct an ongoing mock draft.  This will be a fictitious ten team standard scoring league that would pit me as the owner of all ten teams.

Today we will look at Round One:

1.  Sandusky’s Day Care: LeSean McCoy

2.  Freemason Crosby:  Jamaal Charles

3.  Witten In Stone:  Adrian Peterson

4.  Dustin The Serial Keller:  Matt Forte

5.  Fleener Schnitzel:  Eddie Lacy

6.  Johnny Welker:  Montee Ball

7.  Fifty Shades Of Ray:  Calvin Johnson

8.  I Pitta The Fool:  Demaryius Thomas

9.  Roddy By Nature:  Jimmy Graham

10.  Gronky Kong:  Dez Bryant

In a ten team league,  the quarterback position is so extremely deep that I would never take a QB in the first round.  I feel the same for the tight end position, however, I think Jimmy Graham’s numbers will be top three even amongst wide receivers.  That being said I’ll grab Graham right after Calvin and DT.  As far as the first six picks, I’ve expanded my previous tier of four elite running backs to six.  The two talented second year backs Eddie Lacy and Montee Ball have convinced me thus far in camp that they warrant a high first round pick.  They both play in exceptionally high-powered offenses that will make you pay dearly for an eight man box.  Also both should be shoe-ins for double-digit touchdowns because of all the red zone opportunities their offenses will afford.
The first four backs off the board all can take any carry to the house at any time.  All backs have shown exceptional skills catching the ball out of the backfield with the exception of AP.  But with Norv Turner’s track record for getting the lead back involved heavily in the passing game, I feel Peterson will finally get the chance to show what he can do by getting the ball in space.  The six backs that I have as the first six picks are the only backs I completely trust as bonafide RB1’s this year.  That fact makes them extremely valuable and, therefore, the first six off my overall board.

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