Babes’ Fantasy Football Draft Tips

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by Babes
Late August is, bar none, the best time of the year.  Summer is still kicking, football is right around the corner, and it’s fantasy draft season, baby!  Your optimism level is higher now than it will be all year.  I’m already three drafts deep, and I’ve noticed a few things that should help you out in your drafts.

First and foremost, know the tendencies of the players in your league.  In most cases, you’ve played multiple years with these guys, and you should have a good idea of how they think.  If your playing in a new league, you should have most of the guys pegged by the middle of round two.  Are they just calling the next name on their sheet, or do they have an idea about what ADP and value is for players?  Are they drafting players only for name value, or are they perceptive to the up and coming lesser known players?  If you see Frank Gore going before Andre Ellington, you know you’re dealing with a fish.

Another tip to consider when drafting is, when you know you’re a shark swimming in a kiddie pool, be able to adapt to your surroundings.  I was in a twelve team standard draft the other night, where three QBs went within the first four picks.  I’m sitting back licking my chops at the plethora of running backs that are there for the picking.  After selecting two stud backs with my first two picks, I realized that, however bad it seemed, I had to start reaching for certain positions to stay within the flow of things.  For instance, I found myself reaching for tight end Kyle Rudolph in the sixth, and two quarterbacks in round seven and eight.  There were still multiple running backs and receivers that I wanted before those picks, but had I gone with them, the cupboard would have been bare at other positions.  When you draft with lesser experienced fantasy players, their tendency is to go right down the list of what they need at each starting position.  So it’s not unusual for them to go QB, RB1, WR1, RB2, WR2, and  TE in their first six picks.  This is what led me to reach for the tight end I wanted in round six.  Kyle Rudolph’s ADP usually has him going around the eighth round, but I saw a premature run on tight ends coming, so I jumped. The same actually went with quarterbacks. I was the twelfth person to take a signal caller, but I had to use back to back picks on QBs because QB2’s were starting to fly off the board.  It’s all about being able to adapt to your surroundings.

If you haven’t drafted yet, good luck.  Hopefully these tips will help give you an edge in your fantasy league.

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