Babes’ Craps 101: Black People Are Better Than White People and Other Rules For Winning At Dice

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by Babes

I’ve been around a lot of craps tables in my time, and I can easily say with confidence that craps is the casino table game I’ve had the most success at.  To the novice gambler, craps can be a very intimidating game due to its fast pace and multiple wagering options.  People are shouting out, “five dollar yo,” and, “press the six,” and other various one line bets.

But truth be told, craps is the most fun you will have in a casino and its not as difficult to play as you might think.  You can easily learn how to play on the internet or you can take lessons in most casinos.  But once you learn the basics you then need to learn the intricacies of the game and that’s where I come in.  Today, I’m going to give you my three simple rules for successful craps playing.  These rules are gold, babes, and I follow them every time I roll the bones.

Rule Number 1:  Find the Table With the Most Black People At It. 

Yes I’m stereotyping here, but when it comes to my money I’m doing whatever the fuck I feel makes me the most money. Here’s the bottom line, black people know how to throw those dice, babes.  Almost every successful craps session I’ve ever had includes a long roll from a black man or a black women.  Just the other night I made over four hundred bucks when a young black women, whom I was calling my “African Queen”, was pulling out fours on the pass line like it was her birthright.

Why are black people better than whites and everybody else at rolling?  Who knows ,maybe it’s all bullshit luck, but it’s an absolute in my world.  I’m even getting pretty good at seeking out the big winners.  You want to find the smooth older black gentleman, and they are easy to spot.  These smooth dudes are usually stacking black chips in front of them, wearing something like an old school navy trucker hat while sipping a cordial beverage, and tossing out yo 11’s like they were walking down to the other end of the table and placing the dice down.  The young gun brothers are just as lethal with those die.  You can spot these shooters by their bling jewelry, their good-looking female companions, and their overall swagger that exudes as they are killing it on the “hard ways.”
imagePlace your bets when Bert’s rolling.

Of course, you’re not always gonna win while piggybacking on a black  person’s roll, but I play the percentages.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a middle-aged, overweight white man fumble while trying to pick up the die, establish a point after he finally rolls, and then blow the table up with a fucking seven on the next roll.  “Seven out, fuck man!”  You can just tell, why do you think all the old-time white guys either pass their chance to roll or have a hot young lady roll for them?  They know, rolling dice successfully is all about the swagger and rhythm that most white people simply don’t possess. 

Rule Number Two: Play the Six and Eight Place Bets:

Along with seven, the six and eight are the most likely number combinations on the two die, and they pay a decent 7:6.  You always make these place bets in six-dollar increments.  For example, if you’re on a ten-dollar table and want to play both six and eight, drop $24 to the box man.  That will get you twelve bucks on both numbers, and yield you fourteen bucks every time one of those numbers are hit.  If you get a shooter, usually they’ll just pepper those sixes and eights like a clean double off of the right field scoreboard at Camden Yards….payday. 

Rule Number Three in Babes’ Craps 101: Always at Least Double Your Pass Line Bet When You Back it Up. 

If you’re playing twenty-five on the pass line, back it up with at least that.  The back up pass line bet gives you your best odds against the house.  It is the best bet in the entire casino.  Some casinos will let you bet up to five times your pass line bet on the backup, so take full advantage.  If you have money on the point already from a previous bet, move it to another number and press it baby.  You’re at the craps table to have fun, and nothing is more fun then winning.  If you feel good about a particular roll, play the field and hope for a craps roll of 2,3, or 12 along with either 5 or 9 (depending on the casino) or a 10 or 11.  And don’t forget to play those yo’s.  You can also play c&e or a horn bet.  They are fun one roll bets that basically mean you need a 2,3,11, or 12 to win, but the payouts are big.

That’s it, babes now you’re prepared to attack the craps table.  Hopefully, you won’t be too skittish to pony up right next to the brothers and make that money.

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