Babes At The Movies: Top 30 Mind-Bender/Mystery Flicks

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by Babes

Who doesn’t love a good mind bending ,”who done it?”, that keeps you guessing all the way to the end with a crazy plot twist or a “how the fuck did he do it!”?  The Mystery genre is one of my favorite genres, and good ones always keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish..

I’ve compiled a list of my 30 favorite Mind-Bender/Mystery flicks.  Some of these movies are average at best, but have a killer twist at the end.  I know the king of the mystery genre was Alfred Hitchcock, but I didn’t include any old movies like his because I’m only in my early thirties and I haven’t seen most of them.  I’m also going to refrain from reveling too much about any of these twists/endings, as not to ruin anybody’s good time.
30.  State Of Play– This is one of those average at best movies despite the Crowe/Affleck tandem.  But the plot takes a radical turn for the much more interesting, and it’s worth a watch on an idle Tuesday night.

29.  8MM– The ending itself isn’t crazy shocking, but the mystery leading up to the finale in itself is highly entertaining.  Plus, when is the last time you watched a flick about snuff porn?

28.  Prisoners– Every parent out there has to force themselves to sit through this one once.  A great misdirection at the end lands it on this list.

27.  Unbreakable– M. Night Shyamalan is this generation’s Hitchcock when it comes to crazy twists and endings.  Unbreakable is an ode to the comic book classic hero vs villain battles.

26.  Inside Man– I thought about putting this movie in the top ten.  It’s more of a thriller than a mystery for the most part, but the ending is still cool as shit and definitely worth a spot on this list.

25.  The Double-There is a very good chance you might have missed this one, so next time it’s on Showtime check it out.  A lot of misdirection and a huge turn at the end keeps you enthralled all the way through.

24.  Fallen– Can’t go wrong with a little Denzel/John Goodman/Donald Sutherland/and a before he was anybody James Gandolfini.  Throw in a flying spirit demon and you have a winner.

23.  Memento– Guy Pierce can’t remember past ten minutes ago.  You know the ending will be a surprise to him too.

22.  Along Came A Spider– One of two Alex Cross movies to make the list from the mind of James Patterson.  I can say for certain that I had no idea this ending was coming.

21.  Gone Baby Gone– Another parenting 101 session.  The tag line of the movie says it all…”Everyone wants the truth…until they get it.”

20.  Shutter Island– Marty goes outside of his realm here a bit and surprise, it’s still phenomenal.  Leo kills it as usual and the ending has your mind running in all directions as you try to process it.

19. Lucky Number Slevin-  I know this movie seems to make everyone of my lists somehow, but it’s fucking awesome.  The plot twists and turns more than roller coaster on steroids, and the ending ties every seemingly meaningless scene into one giant ball of crazy madness.

18.  Kiss The Girls– Another Alex Cross thriller that keeps you guessing who done it until the very last scene.  Got to say I had it wrong.

17. Wild Things– The movie with absolutely everything from threesomes, to Bill Murray in a neck brace.  The plot twists literally continue through the closing credits.

16.  The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo-The who done it part was easy to tell with one look at Stellan Skarsguard, but was that even what was actually being investigated?

15.  Just Cause- The swampy thriller that pits Sean Connery up against Laurence Fishburne in an attempt to free a man of a murder he says he didn’t commit.  The ending keeps coming at you furiously with crazy turns.

14.  The Prestige-Two magicians spend their lives trying to figure out each other’s tricks of the trade.  I have to say Christian Bale’s is way more fucking crazy.

13.  Now You See Me- Another magic flick that has a grandmaster pulling everyone’s strings the whole movie.  You just have no clue who was doing it and why.

12.  Primal Fear- Classic courtroom drama that has a mind bending twist at the end.  Who really killed the archbishop?

11.  Devil– Another M. Night gem that was completely underrated.  The end twist and reveal was fucking spooky.

10.  Clue– A one of a kind masterpiece that not only gives you one, but three, versions of its ending that are all completely credible.
9. The Sixth Sense– Quite possibly the most blowing twist in cinematic history.  It’s not higher on the list because Haley Joel Osment annoyed the shit out of me the whole movie.

8.  Saw:  The original Saw was groundbreaking to say the least.  Nobody saw the ending coming the way it did, and it was so successful they made like fourteen more Saw movies.

7.  Fight Club- The first time you see Fight Club there’s no way you can fully comprehend it.  It took two or three views for me to get my head around what happened.

6.  From Hell– This who done it was a take on who really was Jack The Ripper.  After researching the topic myself, this version of the story is the most believable.

5.  Zodiac-Another take on a true story, the Zodiac killer was never caught.  This version of who it was makes a ton of sense, and the movie itself was incredibly well done.

4.  Scream- Before the reveal, nobody knew who the killer was even down to the last few seconds  of the movie.  This was another case of a film being so successful they did it four more times.

3.  Usual Suspects- One of my all time favorite movies.  You’ll be surprised, who is Keyser Soze?

2.  The Game– You literally have no idea what’s going on for the entire movie.  Then when you think you have it figured out, that’s when they really send you for a loop.

1.  Identity– My favorite who done it, as characters get killed off one by one.  As you get to the end, the killer really is the least likely person.

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