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BMORE’S EDM SCENE… ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC…  I’m talking that BOOM BOOM BOOM BASS IN YOUR FACE!!!    The electronic music scene is starting to make moves like Rap did in the 90’s.   Back then older people looked at you like you were a nuisance to society if you had your tunes bumping louder than their squeaky breaks, that same still holds true with EDM today.  For example, when someone pulls up next to you and for the first time hears some “BassNectar or Datsik” (see videos within this post for both) bumping out your speakers and looks at you like what the hell is that noise..  Well newbies, this is the stuff transformers wouls listen to in their headphones before the big game, if they played football in space.. It’s what makes you move…You don’t realize it until you’re standing with 100,000 people and the place blasts off like a spaceship…  And if your ears haven’t been blessed with beats like these before, then there’s a 98% chance this music will make you roll your windows up faster than when you make eye contact with old Holla for Dolla dude at any given Red Light in this city.


 We get it.. You have no idea whats going on… My dad hated rap music when I was young and would look at me like he was disappointed with me, for listening to it.  Now he’s all Hip Hop Horray, oh-Hay-oh, throwing up retarded gang signs and rocking shell toe Adidas, hell he’s even got a Chihuahua.  Look what MTV raps and Perris Hilton did to my father!!   You get my point.  The EDM scene is not for everyone at the moment, but you can not and will not be able to avoid it.  Most of the sound bites are already in the coolest commercials and incredible graphic movies = EDM all over it.     

This year’s festivals are mind-blowing and if they are anything like last year’s, then we can add life changing to the list as well…  I personally already have the Electric Daisy Carnival lined up in Vegas.  Plus there’s Lightening in a Bottle in Cali, Burning Man in Nevada, Counter Point Music Festival/Tomorrow World in GA and Orion Festival in Detroit.  Plus who knows what my girlfriend will taunt me with.  I’m a sucker for anything that makes her smile and she loves this life!  I’ll report back after each festival to let you know who we thought destroyed it.

The scene and crowds that this type of music draws are amazing.  The momentum of a crowd is just like that of a football game.. The highs and lows at these shows are incredible.   The people are inspirational and amazingly crafty, with imaginations unparalleled, so just imagine the friends you meet.  The scene is literally one giant family, most of who have found themselves in music and love life.   And bet your ass Baltimore is on the scene.  This city is full of people who wake up just to get down.  With the MoonRise Festival aka Starscape (http://moonrisefestival.com/home.html) being held at Sun Park,  you’ll get a good look at some of the best DJ’s in the world, however that’s not the scene I’m talking about.  I’ll get into that in another article.  There’s a few scenes/environments that differ with each type of show in the EDM world.. we’ll go over those later..

I’ve seen almost every DJ playing MoonRise this year so I’m dipping out and repping MD in Rock City that weekend.  Mrs. Boots and I will be at the Orion Festival (http://www.orionmusicandmore.com/  ) catching the Metallica hosted event for a change of pace/scenery.  My lil mama likes her metal and straight nasty dubstep… She’s a diamond in the rough this Mrs. Boots…  I’m sure it will be nothing short of AMAZE BALLS.. 

 Baltimore’s home grown are slowly becoming a powerhouse with Dubstep and Trap without trying to let everyone know about it…  You can walk into E-Villa on a Thursday and catch some Trap – freestyling goin’ off better than anything you can find on the internet or on the radio… The spaceship has landed.  Bmore is FUNKY.  Baltimore has a nice foot in the door with this movement and is creating it’s presence worldwide.  It’s called Bass Tribe Baltimore, the sister company of Bass Tribe based in Cali.  Bass Tribe Baltimore is what  the Festival Goer needs in between festivals.  Bass Tribe Baltimore throws intimate events, with some of the country’s most talented DJ’s.  It has a large following and the buzz is starting to spread, as you know, there’s power in numbers, so the more love, Bass Tribe Baltimore gets, the more love they can give back.  Remember when YO MTV RAPS was where all the best rappers wanted to be.. Same goes here.  Bass Tribe is where all the HOT DJ’s want to spin because they know we know what the hot shit is.  And when HOT meets HOT, things just gets HOTTER.

Baltimore also has it’s own EDM clothing and swag merchant heavyweight born and bred in Baltimore.  DJ’s from all over the globe rock KILAWOMP APPAREL.  You know how it is.  The hottest stuff can’t be bought in stores.  This clothing line is almost a movement in itself.  It’s small underground and that’s what everyone loves about it.  You can see the KILAWOMP logo pretty much 5 times a day around the city if you’re looking for it.  All the best beat makers know that when they come to Baltimore they need to score some KILAWOMP gear before they throw up their deuces and scoot to the next gig.  Most of the products are insider exclusive so if you see some KILAWOMP gear just laying around.. Don’t Steal it.. Someone will be SUPER PISSED and would of probably given it to you for free had you just asked.  That’s how cool this family is.  … Most of the items are gone before they even get marketed.  Everyone just scoops them up so fast it becomes a frenzy when they drop new gear…  I’d have to say they’re on to something.  I know these fools personally, they are an amazing group of people, who love music. KILAWOMP KRU represents hard work, dedication, execution, filthy beats, one love, and time for blast off.   That’s really what it comes down too, everyone on the scene knows it and wants to help them become the brand for the culture… .. Bmore is doing big things, whether you know it or not.  Whether this is up your alley or not, it’s happening regardless, you can turn your head but you can’t turn your ear, you’re gonna be blessed one day whether you like it or not… and you can stay tuned on whats happening here.. were in the mix

 Other than that.. save this page, you can come here for updates on EDM shows in the area, killawomp special promos, Bass Tribe Baltimore events and anything we feel you need to know about the EDM scene in the area. 

 Much love.. get skinny… festival season is here!!!

Mookie M. Boots (middle name Moon)



  1. Mad love yo! This is fucking awesome! U r tits u old bastard! BassTribe Bmore, Kilawomp, and most of all krulings making moves in 2013.

  2. You fucking suck at writing. Your perspective on the world, music, and the English language makes me want to punch a baby. Please don’t write anything until 10 years from now when you’re into punk music or indy rock or whatever else 16 year old mall kids are into.

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