B-More Gonna Be Drunk As F@%k For A While: $500,000 In Hennessy Stolen In Rosedale

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Ah, the Dale.  Rosedale may be just outside the City line but it’s as Baltimore as Baltimore gets.  East-side Hons, Gangsters, Route 40 Hookers, Wanna Be Gangsters, hard working middle class folks, and suburban princes and princesses of all ethnic backgrounds and religions call Rosedale home.  It’s east side glorious, babes, and Sunday at 5 a.m. some notorious, and some may call glorious, shit went down there.   Sunday morning a truck containing 2142 cases of Hennessy Cognac was taken from a fenced lot on the 7000 block of Quad Avenue.  The truck was eventually found by the po-po on the corner of Monroe and Mulberry Streets, but the cognac, as you can easily imagine, had been removed and was not, I repeat, not recovered.  That my friends, is a crap load of Henny that is now on the streets of B-Town.  Of course it could realistically be anywhere, but for the purposes of this blog, we’ll say the Henny is holed up here in Baltimore, waiting to be sold on the cheap to the underground, and good, citizens of Charm City.  This influx of suddenly cheap and delicious cognac could really kick start a wild summer here in B-Town.  Snifters of Hennessy for all the pompous types, and Henny and Coke til our guts bleed for all of us common folk.  Drink up babes.


Drunk as F$%k:


Drunk or H?


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