Austrian Soccer Team Has Revolutionized How To Practice Penalty Kicks

Humor, Sports and Bets — March 9, 2015 at 8:07 pm by

(Feel free to mute the God awful background music.)

This is an ingenious drill. If you can consistently make penalty kicks while dizzy as fuck, you’ll have no problem putting the ball in the back of the onion bag come game time. That’s just common sense. Also, this video weirdly got me even more excited for spring. I was already looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day, March Madness, and Orioles baseball. Now, you can add dizzy bat to that list. No other drinking game produces such consistent hilarity while testing hand-eye coordiantion, balance, and alcohol tolerance. It’s the ultimate outdoor activity if you’re trying to amp things up a notch. Before finally throwing in the towel, I struggled for 30 minutes trying to upload a video from my phone of me busting my ass while playing last year, so we’ll have to settle for watching these jabronis.

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