At Least You’re Not The Guy Who’s Friend Shot Him, Cut His Penis Off, And Fed It To His Dog

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The guy pictured above is named Mario Alberto Lizalde Reyes, and he was out with his best friend, Mario Hernandez Banda, walking his dog. They were both intoxicated, and Banda allegedly decided to begin touching Reyes in a “sexual way.” Reyes didn’t take to kindly to that, and when Banda went to take a piss in an alley, Reyes decided to walk over to him, and shot him in the head. Basically the only reasonable response I can think of. I mean, what are you gonna do, have a reasonable conversation in which you state to your friend that you don’t want him to jerk you off? No, you’re gonna shoot that handsy bastard in the face.

Reyes then decided the only way justice could be fully served would be to cut his dead friend’s dick off, and feed it to his dog. Once again, obviously what any reasonable person would do. An eye for an eye, and this guy tried to sexually touch a friend, so what are you gonna do? Cut his shaft off, it’s only fair.

Reyes then finished walking his dog like he hadn’t just shot his friend in the head from point blank and fed his dick to his pooch, and went to sleep. After waking up the next morning, Reyes turned himself into police because he felt bad. What a stand up guy.

via Daily Mail

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