ASU Face-Kick Video Teaches You Not To Mess With Old Dudes

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This ASU fight in the stands has been making the rounds on the internet.  It’s great stuff.  Some old dude ninja kicks some loud mouth kid and then it’s fight city up in the bleachers. Now there’s another video which shows the aftermath of the ol’ goat’s ninja move.  It’s dumb, but the whole incident took me back to a fight I witnessed back in the day.  The fight occurred at penny draft night at the old Murphy’s Country Palace on Pulaski Highway. Fine establishment, as you can probably imagine. Anyway, I witnessed some guy 55-60 years old and standing about 5’9″ beat the living snot out of two huge long-haired dudes in their twenties. In fact, he beat ’em both up inside the bar and then after he got thrown out, he hid in the parking lot and beat ’em up again when the two battered metal heads tried to escape in their car.  Crazy stuff, but I learned a valuable lesson.  If an old guy is willing to brawl, it usually means he  can brawl.  There is something to be said for experience, especially in bar fights.  So listen to the ol’ Seabass. No matter how tough you think you are, if some grey hair with fading army tattoos is willing to fight your stronger, younger, and bigger self, it probably means that he knows he can kick your ass.  So steer clear babes, or you may end up on YouTube getting your face kicked in by a 68-year-old ninja.


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