Assholes and Lessons Learned

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It’s been almost a week since these two knuckleheads knocked out a Yankee fan at Camden Yards and almost killed him.  Since the incident happened I’ve wondered whether I should comment on it all because it’s so obvious that it’s something that should never happen.  It’s only a fucking ball game for shit’s sake, it’s definitely not anything worth getting in a life and death situation for.  But I think there are some obvious lessons that can be learned here.

First, if you’re at a Nationals Orioles game don’t wear your Yankee hat.  It’s just a beacon for every insult and you don’t have anybody else of your team allegiance anywhere near you.  I sure as shit wouldn’t go to a Steelers vs Browns game decked out in Raven’s gear.  You are just setting yourself up and you’re gonna be on your own when it comes to dealing with drunk assholes.

Next, if you are at a game on a date and you are getting heckled by a group of drunk assholes for over an hour, it’s time to move or get security.  It’s not a pussy or tough guy thing, it’s a question of numbers.  No matter how big you are you’ll be outnumbered and subject to sucker punches.  Plus, you’re putting your date in a place that she definitely doesn’t want to be in, unless of course she’s from Dundalk or Cherry Hill or some other bad ass neighborhood;  in that case you may want to just let her handle it.

Finally, and most importantly, if you are the kind of  person who has a couple of beers and it turns you into a violent angry piece of shit, do everybody else a favor and stay the fuck home.  Look, I hate the Yankees, Red Sox, Steelers, Colts and Blue Devils more than anybody, but I ain’t fighting over ’em. It’s one thing to jaw at other fans and hurl insults and funny one liners at them, but it’s a whole other story when fists start flying.  Throw a peanut shell or two, that’s good fun, but beers should be drank, not chucked, and hands should be used for claps and lame high-fives, not fisticuffs.  Three lives got ruined last week over some bullshit, keep that in mind the next time sport emotion runs high babes.




  1. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? 2 of your suggestions are against the guy that was hurt? SHAME ON YOU!!! SHAME ON YOU!!! He took his date to a baseball game, regardless of his team preference he NEVER should have been treated the way these disturbed young me treated him. I’m ashamed to be a Baltimore fan because of this and because of them.

    • a mom- are you kidding me? Nothing he said was “against” the guy that was hurt. Fact of the matter is no matter where you go, no matter the venue, no matter the team- there are going to be assholes. Assholes run the world, especially here in the good old USofA. That being said- to MITIGATE RISK from dealing with ASSHOLES, you should take a few steps. I don’t see anything wrong with saying logical thinking would tell you not to wear schwag from a team that both teams that are actually playing hate. It’s not placing blame on the guy, but a general rule of thumb for future reference. I agree- you should be able to wear whatever you want anywhere, but to my previous point assholery is everywhere.

  2. Not everyone who lives in Dundalk likes that sort of fighting

  3. Agreed Mom,I hope these guys do serious time, but you’re missing the point. If he walks away with his lady or calls security instead of approaching these assholes, then nothing happens. Self preservation and being smart. It’s not his fault obviously, but he wasn’t smart either.

  4. Amom, the PC thing here is to say that the two guys were in the wrong and that they should have never done this, which is true. Obviously those two were wrong for what they did, no debating that. What the author is talking about is how the real life situation should be dealt with and could have been potentially avoided. Wearing other teams gear to a game in which that team isn’t playing is a douche bag move in the first place, expect to get heckled. Those two took the heckling to another level by using violence, which makes it no longer heckling rather it becomes assult. If the guy wasn’t seriously injured and say only got a beer dumped on his head, I doubt you would have as many people backing the guy up. We would all be saying that he shouldn’t be wearing a Yankees cap to an O’s/Nat’s game. Most would still think that the guy who poured the beer was an asshole but I doubt many would be truly upset by it. Just because he likes the Yankees doesn’t mean he has to advertise it where it isn’t welcome. None of this would have happened if these two weren’t assholes, but also none of this would have happened if he left the Yankees cap at home or even if he relocated or called security.

  5. They are all rubes. Throwing 8 dollar beer? Dumb. Wearing a Yankee hat? Dumb. Climbing the railing to attack two guys while dipping? Dumb. Just rank stupidity all around. Go Os!

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