ASG Flashback: Meaningless??

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Take a look at this Gem from Pete Rose in the 1970 ALL Star Game. Yeah that’s right, the ALL STAR GAME. Back then the ASG didn’t need to determine World Series home field advantage to help boost appeal and ratings. The ASG had all the appeal it needed  just based on hard play and a doing anything to win mentally from the games best, like Pete’s displaying here. Rose hits Fosse harder than Ray Lewis smoking a receiver over the middle on a lob pass. The best part is that he doesn’t even look like he gives a damn. Whatever it takes to get the W baby.  You gotta love that tough nose shit, especially in a game as “meaningless” as the all-star game. You try telling Pete that the game was meaningless though, because I’m sure as hell not. He’s 72 now, but I’m still not messing with Charlie Hustle. You pull something like this in today’s game though and you’d be lucky not to find yourself indefinitely suspended from the Majors, playing stick-ball in some 3rd world country, and getting paid in seashells. Hell, that shot was so hard if Roger Goodell sees this clip he might just try to fine Rose.

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