As If We Didn’t Hate Pittsburgh Enough, Asking For Money From An 8 Year-Old Fan Is One More Reason To Do So

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Look, I’m all for giving to charity and helping those in need. But when 8 year-old Pittsburgh Pirates’ fan Colin sent a letter to his favorite player, Pirates’ second baseman Neil Walker, the Pirates decided rather than sending an autograph back for free, Colin must donate to a charity of their choosing to get one. The note read, “You are my favorite player. May you please sign my card?” His response included a picture of Walker, and a letter saying “Please send the item you would like to have signed, along with a return paid-postage, self-addressed envelope and your contribution for each item to be autographed to the address indicated below.”


Donating to charity is a great thing to do, and something we all do not do enough of. But an 8 year-old doesn’t understand that concept, and imagine getting that letter in the mail. You think it’s going to be an autograph and instead you get a request for money. Really Pirates, you can’t at least pay for the postage? I’m sure you have just a tad more money than the child does, so why don’t you give a little bit extra to your charity, and let the kid have a damn autograph. I mean, it’s bad enough he has to live in Pittsburgh…

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