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Let’s take a spin around the league for a few minutes, and see what’s going on.  With six weeks in the books, teams are showing us who they really are.  As always, there have been huge surprises like Dallas, Arizona, and as much as I hate to say it, Cleveland.  Likewise there are some huge disappointments like the Jets, Rams, and the entire NFC South.

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After watching that game last night between San Fran and St. Louis, I realized that it’s the Rams who should pick up and move to Los Angeles.  The Rams were winning at halftime, and only down ten with five minutes to go, yet 75% of their stadium was empty.  The Niners came out and scored fourteen points in the second half, and all the fans just left.  Never mind the fact that the Rams had the ball with one minute left with a chance to tie.  Maybe the fans knew what was about to happen, and maybe St. Louis is much more of a baseball town, but that was pathetic last night.  The broadcasters even alluded to the fact that the Rams can get out of their lease next year and move if they wanted to.  Regardless, one of three teams will move to LA in the next two years, the Rams, Chargers, or Raiders.  Mark my words.

If you didn’t see the dirty shit that Vontez Burfict was pulling this weekend check it out.  On two occasions he twisted the ankle of players he had tackled, clearly trying to injure them after the play.  One time it was Cam Newton, and the other Greg Olsen.  Olsen called him out on it, and called for a suspension.  In my mind a suspension is clearly warranted.  You have a player deliberately trying to injure another player, does the NFL want a repeat of Bountygate?  Burfict shouled be held out of at least two games for this inexplicable bush league shit.


I know the Ravens just had a lopsided victory, but it’s still nice to look at the standings and see the Ravens are second in net points to only the San Diego Chargers.  They are at plus 67 points on the year, less than a touchdown away from the Chargers at plus 73.  The Ravens are also in the top ten in scoring, registering 18 touchdowns this year.  Indy leads the league with 22.  As any Ravens fan knows, it’s really nice to see our offense anywhere near the top ten.

If anybody read my picks for the weekend, I was a Geno Smith incomplete pass away from 3-0 when he decided to throw a pick six to Aqib Talib with 15 seconds left in the game.  Talk about a drastic flop in money.  Denver then covers the 9.5 points and the smart money goes to the wayside again.  Fuck this season of gambling.  By the way my parlay included the Dallas moneyline!


Did anybody expect to see Seattle in third place this far into the season?  I know I didn’t, but I know one thing, Dallas just gave the rest of the NFC hope that you can go into Seattle and have a chance.

Should be an interesting slate of games this weekend, with Cincy vs Indy, SD vs KC, and Denver vs SF on Sunday Night highlighting the lineup.

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