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Let me just gloat for a second at the fact that I predicted this.  That’s right, I predicted a crazy wacked out week in the NFL in our weekly NFL picks post.  I only picked one game for that very reason (a loser with the Chargers), and frankly I’m surprised the Raiders didn’t beat the Chargers outright.
Six teams who started the week in first place in their respective divisions this week lost.  By far the most surprising was the Denver Broncos losing to St. Louis.  How many of you out there had teasers busted up over that one?  Peyton Manning and the mighty Denver offense managed just 7 total points and were shut out in the second half.  Granted Emmanuel Sanders and Julius Thomas were knocked out the game with injuries, but still ,seven points indoors for one of the most prolific offenses of all-time is a reallow total.  That was definitely a head scratcher.  Makes you wonder how well this offense will perform down the stretch in cold weather due to their lack of a stable running game and offensive line issues.


The Pats, on the other hand, displayed a dangerously ready playoff offense behind a ridiculous running game Sunday night at Indy.  If they can get that kind of production out of Jonas Grey, the rest of the AFC is in trouble come January.  Through week 12, it looks as if the road to the Super Bowl will once again run through Foxborough.


Only four teams in the AFC have been officially eliminated from the playoffs.  Buffalo and Houston are hanging on by a thread at 5-5 each.  Four more six win teams and two seven win teams are vying for two wild card spots.  The Ravens are stuck in that jumbled six win mess, as they prepare to go into New Orleans on Monday night.  I wonder when the last time the Saints lost three straight home games was?
Yesterday I heard an interesting fact- the only time this year that an AFC North team has beaten a winning team outside of their own division was when the Steelers beat the Colts.  Maybe the AFC North sports four teams with winning records because they play two of the worst divisions in football in the AFC South and the NFC South.  It’s worth noting that the Ravens are still top three in the league in net points at +80.  Only the Pack and Pats are better at +105 each.  Only the Kansas City Chiefs at 171 have allowed less points in the AFC then the Ravens 181.


Is there a harder team to figure out in the NFL then the Rams?  They have now beaten both teams that played in the Super Bowl last year.  Add a road win at the 49ers and three of their four victories this year are extremely impressive.  Yet they have a net points of -73.  They either win a game when they should be blown out, or get they blown out of games they should win, I don’t get it.
Switching to the NFC, where things are much more top heavy.  There are only seven teams vying for five spots, with some shit team in the NFC South winning that division by default.  I believe only one team from the East will get there, as the North and West will almost certainly send two teams each.
It’s hard to believe the Packers still aren’t in first place, as they should surely be top two in any power ranking around the NFL right now.  I honestly only maybe see a full strength 49er team going into Lambeau and being able to beat the Pack.  It’s gonna take a hellish pass rush to be able to stop Aaron Rodgers from picking apart any secondary.  I believe a healthy Aldon Smith and Navarro Bowman could supplement this Niner defense enough to give Green Bay a decent game.


I don’t believe this Cardinal team is built to win in January.  If they are lucky enough to hold onto home field advantage, which I don’t think they will, I just don’t see them winning more than one playoff game.  They can’t run the ball, they don’t pass protect all that well, and Drew Stanton is not going to win them any games on his own account.  Yes their defense is legit, but that isn’t enough anymore, especially with the offensive firepower of Green Bay and potentially Philly.
I don’t buy Dallas as a serious contender.  This is purely based on the fact that I’m fading on their ability not to fade down the stretch.  I’ve seen them collapse too many times to put any confidence in their ability to close.  I see 10-6 and a couch in their future come January.



The NFC West is gonna be fun to watch, how it shakes out down the stretch. The Hawks play both the Niners and Cards twice, so time will tell there.  The Niners and Cards also play once more, so the cream will rise to the top in the tough west division.
Lastly there were two interesting cuts this week in the AFC North.  The Steelers cut LeGarrette Blount and the Browns parted ways with Ben Tate.  Just goes to show that running backs are going the way of the dinosaur; and more evidence that there is little or no room for a veteran running back in the NFL.  In ten years the running back position will just be a smaller receiver in the backfield.

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