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I’m still trying to get over the sting of last week’s Ravens loss to the Steelers, a game where we got our asses whipped. Looking forward, the entire AFC is going to be a dogfight. Right now 11 of 16 teams have a winning record, including the entire AFC North. You can only eliminate four teams from playoff contention as of right now, Oakland, Tennessee, Jacksonville, and the New York Jets. Conversely in the NFC only six teams have winning records.


In the AFC there are two elite teams in the Pats and Broncos. They will have identical records after this week of 7-2 when Denver annihilates Oakland, and New England has its bye. The Pats however, do have the head to head victory against the Broncos. Going forward, the Broncos have the easier schedule which leads me to believe the road to the Super Bowl will once again run through Denver. The Pats have tough road games at San Diego, Indy, and Green Bay. The Broncos also go to San Diego and Cincy, but have the Raiders twice yet to demolish.


The Colts are clearly the third best team in the AFC, and they have the easiest schedule of all left over. They play home games against the Jags, Texans, and Redskins to go along with that huge matchup against the Pats. If they can find a way to pull off the Pats game, they may easily find themselves staring at a two seed.


It’s gonna be really tough to predict the winner of the AFC North. Nobody really wants to take the reins and run away with the division. The Bengals and Steelers are going to beat up on each other with two upcoming matchups. The Ravens have the easiest schedule, but are probably playing the worst out of all the teams in the North right now. I don’t believe Cleveland is a viable contender, but if they can pull out a win on Thursday, I’m sure it will change everyone’s mind. The Steelers have four of the next five games on the road, with all but one of those teams having losing records. That is Pittsburgh’s problem, they lose games to inferior teams. They lost games against the Bucs and Browns, and had a tough time getting past the lowly Jags.


Over on the NFC side, everything seems to even more of a jumbled mess. All the teams at the top of the standings have noticeable holes. The Eagles and Cowboys have injured starting quarterbacks, and the Cardinals have five tough divisional games remaining, including two against the reigning champs. The NFC North is still up for grabs, as the Lions and Packers are fighting it out for the division crown. The Lions are near the league low in offense, but sport the NFL best scoring defense. The Packers on certain days look like the best team in football, but ultimately will go as far as their average defense will allow them to.


A team to watch that is surging right now is the New Orleans Saints. They seemed to have corrected some of the mistakes on defense they were making early in the year that led to them being one of the NFL’s worst in the first half of the season. They have only allowed 33 points in their past two games, and with a potent offense like theirs, that may be more than enough on a week to week basis. They have four tough games coming up, but three of them are at home, where they are undefeated thus far.


My predictions for division winners in the NFC are Philly, Green Bay, New Orleans, and I still think Seattle will pull out the west. In the AFC, I’m predicting the Pats, Broncos, and Colts to obviously win their divisions. In the North I’m gonna say the Bengals hold on because of the tie and the fact they beat the Ravens twice. Hopefully, I’m wrong there and the Ravens go on a run and take the division.

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