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Week 7 is in the books and what a week it was. The home teams ruled the week, with 12 wins out of 15 contests going to the home team.  Most notable of the home wins, the Jags registered their first win over a supposedly surging Browns team and the Rams upset the defending champs 28-26 in a thriller. It’s always great to see the Bengals get beat, and boy did they ever, getting shut out by Indy 27-0.

Starting with Peyton Manning, his third first half touchdown pass was number 509 of his career. That surpasses Brett Favre for the best all time, and in my mind, Manning is the best quarterback of all time. That statement always sparks a huge debate, and we are all entitled to our opinion. Look for a piece later in the week where I state my case. But congrats Peyton, it’s well deserved.

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New Orleans head coach, Sean Peyton, came under fire after Drew Brees threw a late fourth quarter interception with a lead in Detroit.  A reporter had the audacity to question why the Saints didn’t run the ball three times and punt when the Lions had two timeouts and were at home. I’m not sure if that reporter realized that he was questioning the play calling of the greatest play caller of this generation. Sean Peyton has single handily turned Drew Brees into a Hall of Fame quarterback. He was a good quarterback with a shoulder problem when Peyton took a chance on him and signed him in New Orleans. Since that point, the two of them have facilitated many of the best statistical offensive seasons in NFL history, and that is very largely based off of Peyton’s superior play calling abilities. It’s an endless debate of what to do in that situation. Do you play conservative and rely on your defense with a lead? Certainly not when you have the Saints defense, which has been a disaster all year. When you have Brees, you be aggressive and throw at least once in three downs. What many play callers make the mistake of is being too predictable. If you run on first down and get a yard, then run again for two yards on second down, then a third down throw seems awfully predictable. If you decide to be aggressive, throw off of play action on first down to keep the defense off guard. What ends the game faster then bleeding the clock with runs is getting first downs. That is exactly what Brees and Peyton were trying to do. Don’t fault them for being aggressive. As Coach Herm so succinctly said, “You play to win the game!”

That leads me into another great call that happened Sunday:

The Rams were leading the Seahawks 28-26 late in the fourth quarter. They had been clinging to a lead the whole second half, but you could see a 29-28 Seahawks win coming from a mile away. The Hawks stopped the Rams on third and two, with about 2:30 left on the clock. Seattle was out of timeouts at this point. The Rams decided to try a fake punt that worked to perfection, and essentially iced the game for the Rams. The commentators were praising Jeff Fisher for having the balls to make that call deep in his own territory, and it was much deserved. But what people don’t realize is that the call was a win win for the Rams either way. If they fail, the Hawks have two and a half minutes but only twenty yards to go for a score. The Rams had a full complement of time outs, and they had enough time to ensure they would get the last chance with the football. What Fisher knew in the back of his head was that if he punted that ball, the game was over and the Hawks win. Russell Wilson drives the field, bleeds the clock, and the Hawks kick the game winning field goal. Once again it’s about being aggressive when the time is right to be aggressive. Coaches need to be realistic rather than blindly loyal to their defense. Brings me back to the infamous fourth and two call to go for it by  Bill Belichick. I’ll still to this day agree that was the right call for the very same reason.

How about that stunner of a trade between the Jets and Hawks! Percy Harvin being cast off to Geno land for nothing more than a draft pick in a round where teams  normally take their backup left guard. He must have really pissed people off in Seattle for them to deal him. He was a perfect piece for that offense and what they do. People sited the low yards per catch average, but do people not remember he had three long touchdowns called back just two weeks ago against the Skins? Seattle’s loss is the Jets gain if they’re not picking up too much of his contract. I don’t know those details, but I’m assuming the Jets wouldn’t have taken him if Seattle wasn’t eating most of the salary. Harvin gives the Jets what they are sorely lacking on offense, and that’s talent. We’ll see if coach Marty M(don’t feel like trying to spell his name)uses him the right way.

Can anybody honestly say their not rooting for the Bills to win the AFC East? The Bills fans are maybe the most hard luck fans in football yet they still passionately support their team. At 4-3, they are just a game behind the Pats; if they could just find a way to beat the Pats the division could be theirs. Either way, that was a great win for them yesterday in dramatic fashion, it’s a shame the guy they traded up for to get in the draft to be their franchise quarterback didn’t throw the pass.

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At 89 the Ravens have the most net points in the NFL. Thank you NFC South!

The Broncos looked overwhelmingly dominant last night. They are going to be scary if the best defense money could buy in the offseason continues to play like that. They stop the run, rush the passer, and have zero pressure on them. They know Peyton can out score anybody, so any success they achieve is basically a bonus to the team. They are going to be tough to beat come January.

The Cowboys are very impressive right now. Their defense has played exceptional compared to expectations, and they are running the football. Here is the problem, they are running DeMarco Murray too much. Through seven games he has 187 carries to go along with 22 catches. That’s 209 touches and we’re not halfway through the season yet. He is going to break down at some point if they don’t pull back on his touches. The knock on him was always his durability in the first place. If the Cowboys don’t limit Murray’s touches, he will be lost and with it, the Cowboys hopes for post season success. One other side note on the Cowboys defense. Through seven games they have only allowed six more points than Seattle’s defense in six games.

The Packers are becoming the kings of the pretty win. That makes people fast to say they are the best team in the league, but I’m not sure they’re the best team in their division. The Lions are really impressive, and they’re doing it without Megatron. All of a sudden the Lions defense is shut down, allowing only 105 points so far this season. That is second only to the Baltimore Ravens.

In closing, I would like to send out a big F You to Larry Donnell! Your two fumbles cost me my Giants cover. The first put the game out of reach, and the second screwed up my back door cover. You’re killing me Babes.


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