Arnold AKA The Terminator Pranks Fans For Charity

Entertainment — June 18, 2015 at 9:42 am by

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the longest running badass to come out of Hollywood, hit the streets as ‘The Terminator.’ Impersonators are running a muck around Hollywood Blvd., so nobody blinked an eye that Arnold was even around. Not to mention, the other dude dressed as Terminator, he legitimately thought that was his block. There can be only one, and deep down he was prepared for a Cyborg war….

There was a litte Q and A with Arnold, about this vid:

What was the best reaction you got from someone?

Arnold: The truck driver was by far the best. I had to break character because I felt bad. The family with the child too – they were visiting, I believe, from South Africa, and they definitely have a story. Unfortunately the kid will never watch Terminator movies. I also took over one of the Hollywood bus tours and people were really confused. That didn’t make the cut!


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