Apparently, Using Facebook Is A Hassle If Your Legal Name’s Phuc Dat Bich

Humor — November 20, 2015 at 1:10 pm by

The struggle is real for a Vietnamese/Australian man named Phuc Dat Bich. The 23-year-old had his Facebook account deleted three separate times because Zuckerberg and his nerd cronies thought that his name was made up. To prove them wrong, Bich uploaded a picture of his passport to Facebook.



Way to go, Bich! Phuc the haters. It’s a damn shame that a guy with such an awesome name has to deal with bullshit like that. Heavy lies the crown, I guess. At least he’ll always be able to fire up this video when he’s feeling blue.

via Huffington Post & Mediaite
cover pic: Bich’s Facebook

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