App Will Soon Bring Booze To Your Baltimore Door

News, Pubs and Grub — February 3, 2015 at 10:05 pm by

Too tired to go down the beer store?  Too lazy to drive five minutes down the boulevard to the liquor spot?  No worries, babes, Baltimore just got themselves a new app that will deliver mind-numbing and soul-saving booze right to your door.  According to the Sun, the fun begins on Thursday, with the app known as Drizly scheduled to go live for Baltimore alcohol deliveries.

beer truck

Drizly is already in several other U.S. cities.  Evidently, three dudes from Boston College put their heads together and thought up this booze delivery app.  They claim they weren’t drunk when they concocted this notion of a modern hootch delivery system.  That of course, is absurd, because this is an idea that can only be wrought by alcohol-laden minds, but whatever, it’s a great idea. It’s also an idea every lazy-ass drunk has thought of, but kudos to these guys for making the concept of magically appearing beer a reality.

The fee for delivery is only five bucks, and there is a $20 minimum.  Plan ahead too, bro, they won’t deliver to your sloppy ass after you pour yourself out of Fed Hill or Canton; they only deliver while the liquor stores who are in cahoots with them are open.

Personally, I hope this succeeds and succeeds big.  It’s a great idea on so many levels.  It brings the liquor store home and it could save a lot of folks from going out on buzzed and ill-advised beer runs.  It will also save beer-less folks from going bonkers. Cheers, Drizly.

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