Anquan Boldin: The Last of a Dying Breed?

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Let me start with a question…Which player would you want on your team Darrelle Revis or Anquan Boldin? At first glance most would say Revis, he is universally considered the best corner in the game.  Boldin is considered by most NFL experts to be a tough blue collar- type  possession receiver who,  while being beloved in Baltimore, is not really nationally recognized as a top tier WR as he has yet to post a 1000 yard season in Baltimore.  But let’s look a little deeper.  Lets add in those things football people refer to as intangibles.  On one hand you have a guy in Revis who has held out or threatens to hold out multiple times, has publicly bashed his team and organization, and conticknuously is demanding more money from a cap strapped team.  Do you think that guy even understands the concept of team? If the guy would have shut his mouth, showed up in camp on time, and played out his rookie deal, I am fully convinced right now he would be smack dab in the middle of a Mario Williams type deal with a team of his choice instead of stuck in limbo with the Jets, waiting to be traded to God knows who.  (What good team has the cap room to take his hit? Probably not many). Revis is the perfect example of the new breed of athlete-prima donna who could care less about the  team.
Then you have Anquan Boldin who publicly comes out and says he will retire a Raven. He also said  that if he were to be a cap casualty of the Ravens he would not play for another team.  Where has that loyalty gone in the NFL or in sports in general anymore? That unselfish point of view is in perfect line with his unselfish style of play on the field.  Boldin will go over the middle fearlessly, block ferociously downfield for teammates, and draw double coverage if needed to for the better good of the team.  Like I stated earlier, he hasn’t gone over 1000 yards in a Raven uniform but he is by far the most valuable receiver.  When we needed third and one in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl who did Joe trust to audible to?  Boldin makes plays and keeps his mouth shut.  Except when he is letting the opposing corner know that’s he is a bitch!  ie Chris Culliver.  Boldin is not overly talented, he probably runs in the 4.6 range, but you will not find a stronger receiver in the league. And when the ball goes up,  Boldin is gonna come down with it.  Period.
I’m willing to bet Boldin will do whatever it takes contract wise to help his team put the best product on the field.   Even if that means taking less money. Simply  because the guy gets it!   He understands what’s important, and what’s important is  not always money.  What a breath of fresh air it is to see a player put his team first.   A dying breed of player, if you will.

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