Another Bad Start Dooms O’s

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This pitch was probably a ball.

This pitch was probably a ball.

The Orioles lost last night to the Rays 6-2.  That sucks and it puts the O’s back at even for the season, but the Orioles seem to have bigger problems than just a mid April loss.  The real problem is at the bottom of their rotation.  Arrieta we knew would be a hit or miss proposition, but what the hell is going on with Chris Tillman?  The young starter has really struggled this year and last night was no exception.  Tillman allowed four runs in just five innings pitched and he struggled with control all night.  Tillman threw 93 pitches in those five innings and was consistently behind the Tampa hitters, who were more than happy to go deep into counts.  Tillman hasn’t made it to the sixth inning yet this year, and between him and Jake Arrieta, the bullpen is really getting a workout.  All this is in stark contrast to the way Tillman pitched last year.  Chris was 9-3 with a 2.93 ERA.  Has the American league figured him out already, or are these early season struggles a result of being on the DL and missing a lot of Spring Training?  Only time will tell, but he needs to get it right quick because the bottom of this rotation stinks right now.

Now batting for the Orioles the DH, Agnes Jablowski

Now batting for the Orioles the DH, Agnes Jablowski

The Birds aren’t setting the world on fire at the plate either.  Matt Wieters is only batting .217,  J.J. Hardy only .189,  and the Oriole Designated Hitters are 3 for 64, which comes out to a .047 average.  The Orioles might as well invite someone from the crowd to come out and hit in the DH spot.   Or maybe they can give the Oriole mascot a fungo bat and have him take a few hacks at the plate, because  it can’t get much worse, and watching the Bird would be a hell of a lot more entertaining.  I wonder if Dan Duquette is second guessing his decision to sign nobody in the off-season yet. 

Speaking of the crowd, it was a sparse one last night.  Only 13,591 went out to the yard.  This just isn’t a baseball town anymore.

Bright spots:  Adam Jones hit his second home run last night, the two run shot marked the first runs scored against Tampa starter Matt Moore all season.  Tommy Hunter pitched 1 2/3 innings without allowing a run, or more importantly, a home run.  WOOOO!

Rubber match tonight at the Yard.  Great match-up, Price (0-1) vs Gonzalez (1-1). C’mon Gonzo. To go under .500,  even this early in the year, would make me vomit.

Go O’s



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