Angry Mom Shoots Flat-Screen With A Rifle Because Her Kids Were Watching Too Much TV

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Daily Mail“A suburban Chicago woman was arrested after police say she grabbed a rifle and shot at her flat-screen television because she was mad her children were watching too much TV.

Jennifer Ullery, a mother of three from Algonquin, pleaded not guilty Monday to charges of aggravated reckless discharge of a firearm, possession of a firearm without a firearm owner ID card and three counts of child endangerment in connection to the incident that took place back in January.”

Kids are a pain in the ass, and not everyone can be a good parent. Maybe hiding the remote, or even cutting the plug on the cable box maybe have been a more common way to tell the kids they can’t watch tv anymore. But this woman knows no boundaries, and she thinks light, mild¬†discipline is for pussies, so she opted to scare the shit out of her children with the old .22-calibur. Nothing says you mean business like firing a couple shots through the flat screen.

Hey, so that was a pretty reasonable reaction..

Better or worse parent than this woman caught teaching her kids how to steal at a young age?

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