Angry Browns Fan Goes On Hilarious Rant

Humor, Sports and Bets — September 8, 2014 at 3:23 am by

Turn down the volume a bit on your phone or computer before playing this video. This dude is very pissed and very loud. Enjoy.

It may only be Week 1, but this guy is already in mid-season form. He calls out everyone, including Jimmy Haslam, Brian Hoyer, and Mike Pettine a.k.a. “That Bald-headed Motherfucker.” Take a look in the mirror, slugger. This bald psycho is on some Clayton Bigsby shit. But I guess that when your season’s over after 30 minutes because you have a fucking piece of shit that sucks dick for a head coach, you can let your anger get the best of you. Once Money Manziel is taking the snaps, I’m sure that this guy will be a perfectly rational individual, and promptly remove all voodoo hexes on the Pettine family.

via Deadspin 

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