Andrew Miller Comes To The Defense Of Buck Showalter

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After a lot of scrutiny has come unto Buck Showalter for leaving the best pitcher in the game in the bullpen while the Orioles lost the AL Wild Card game on Tuesday night, former Orioles’ reliever Andrew Miller came to Buck’s defense.

Andrew Miller told ESPN, ‘“He’s getting buried right now, but I tell people all the time how good he was. That’s his reputation. It’s not just me that’s out there saying it. Today might not be the day to do it, but if you polled front-office guys who are out there, I think in general he would be as well-regarded as anybody at that particular skill…I’m as surprised as anybody Britton didn’t find his way into that game. But even with the earlier moves, O’Day and Brach did such a good job, it almost looked like, ‘Buck knows what he’s doing. He’s got something going on.’ It just backfired. If it worked out, everybody would have said he was a genius and had it all figured out. That’s just the way it goes.”



The loss on Tuesday was the toughest this town has seen since the Lee Evans/Billy Cundiff game. But people calling for Buck’s job are INSANE. The man single handedly turned a losing franchise into a winning one. Although leaving Ubaldo in after he gave up two hits is indefensible, Bucke made all the right calls until then. How about putting some of the blame on an offense that only got four hits in 11 innings?



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