…..And Things Got Ugly Downtown

News — April 25, 2015 at 11:31 pm by

Unfortunately, the Freddie Gray protests turned ugly Saturday night as vandals and morons took over what had been peaceful and civil precedings.  For most of the afternoon , organized protestors marched and peaceably demonstrated in response to the death of Freddie Gray, a Baltimore man who was arrested on April 12th.  Gray died a week after his arrest of injuries sustained while in police custody.  His death has sparked outrage and triggered several emotional and peaceful protests.

But that changed tonight.  Violence erupted downtown as protestors threw bottles, rocks, and debris at police. Groups of thugs provoked and attacked some baseball fans outside the stadium and windows of several businesses along Pratt Street were smashed.  Police closed Pratt Street, Light Street, Lombard Street, and 395 (among others) for several hours while the mayhem continued.


Police managed to disperse the crowd before the Orioles game came to its end, though cops were continuing to deal with small groups of protestors as they migrated towards the Western District .


At least two injuries and at least a dozen arrests have been reported.

Special thanks goes out to all the cops who defended our city tonight.


The protestors who demonstrated peacefully are well within their rights to do so.  Protesting and having one’s voice heard is as American as apple pie. It promotes change and progress.

The folks who started breaking shit, attacking people, and looting are just pieces of garbage who are taking advantage of a situation, that they care nothing about, to act like thugs and fools.  Violence begats more violence and we have enough of that around here already.

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