…..And The Ravens Stink.

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No excuses.  Horrific loss.  You can’t lose to the Raiders.  You just can’t.  I don’t want to hear the old argument of how tough it is to win on the road in the NFL either.  I don’t give a fuck if they were playing this game on the goddamn moon, if you lose to the Raiders, you can’t be taken seriously as a football team.  If you lose to the Raiders you stink.  Period.

Tough and bitter loss in Denver in Week One and this is how the team responded?  Awful, just awful.  0-2 to start the year with a division rival in the Bengals coming to town next week. That means it’s week three and the Ravens are in a must win situation.  0-3? Forget it, the season’s over, babes.

It’s crazy how many of these games come down to one play.  Last week Senior lets a ball hit him in the facemask at the end of the game.  This week, Joe misses a wide open Senior in the end zone and the Ravens settle for a field goal in their last drive of the afternoon.  I would have bet everything I had (which is a pittance, but still.) that the Ravens were going for it there, but they didn’t.  I hate conservative football.  Overall though, the offense played great.  Score 33 and the game should be in the win column.

Which brings us to the defense.  Zero pass rush, allowing receivers to get off the line of scrimmage without a bump or shove – it was a soft showing.  And it didn’t seem that there was a lot of dialed up pressure either.  That was a three man rush on the winning TD catch.  Add to that some stupid ass penalties (Jernigan’s roughing the passer was the stupidest play of the year so far), and you’ve got the Raiders looking like the 1999 Rams.

This was an unmitigated disaster of epic proportions.

Oh well, at least Flacco’s hair still looks good….


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  1. That game was horrible on so many levels. The o-line and the d-line were getting pushed back on both sides. No urgency. We need more than one guy that can catch the ball Smith can’t do it all. Gilmore may be that second guy. He is a lone bright spot.

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