Am I The Only One In Baltimore Who Isn’t Sad To See Hyun Soo Kim Go?

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I’ll probably take some heat for writing this, because everyone knows how much Hyun Soo Kim is loved in this town. As we all know by now, Kim was traded late last night, along with prospect Garrett Cleavinger, for pitcher Jeremy Hellickson. Although the Orioles are out of it this year, this trade made sense from a standpoint that we just need a guy who can eat innings, and that’s something Hellickson can do. I also see the Orioles trying to make a move to resign Hellickson, being that three of their starters are going to be free agents in the offseason (addition by subtraction on that one).

But what always blew my mind was the love in this town for Hyun Soo Kim. The guy went from (unjustly) getting booed on Opening Day 2016, to being a fan favorite in a few short months. Obviously his success as a hitter was the major contributor to the fan love, but also his electric smile.


I mean, look at these tweets. Just a small sample size of how Baltimore felt about him.









Don’t get me wrong, I like Kim the person, so this rant has nothing to do with that. He seems like a fun guy. But what I never understood why fans thought this guy was so good that he deserved to be an every day player.

Sure Kim hit .302 last year in a platoon role. He can hit right-handed pitching successfully, and can get on base. Sounds like a guy who should be a regular in the lineup, no? But it’s what Kim can’t do that makes him a bench player.

Kim can’t hit left handed pitching, and that’s just a fact. Everyone who says he never got a fair chance is insane. The guy went 0-18 last year against lefties, and is 1-8 against them this year. I understand you’ll never get better unless you’re given the opportunity to get comfortable doing it over and over, however a career 1-26 is just abysmal. I could find a ten year old who could get at least one hit in that many tries.

Kim also can’t field. I realize he has zero errors in his career, however his range is pathetic, and misplayed balls don’t count as errors. He’s not a good fielder, plain and simple.

Kim has very little power. He has a career 7 home runs in 430 at bats, AKA he hits one home run every 61 at bats. That hardly says power to me.

Kim also has a very weak throwing arm, thus why he is unable to play right field.

He also is slow, and is no threat on the base paths. Usually a singles hitter needs to at least have some speed to see playing time.

All in all, I liked Hyun Soo Kim. I thought he was a nice player to have come off the bench when we needed a runner to get on base. He was good at that. But Hyun Soo Kim’s game was limited to just that. A slap hitter with no power, no speed, no defensive abilities, no arm, and who could only hit against pitchers who threw from the right side. Tough to make that guy an every day player.

I rest my case.

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