All I Want Is Kendrys Morales. Instead I’m Getting Delmon Young and Jack Cust

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Kendrys Morales is a thirty year old switch hitting DH and part-time first baseman who batted .277 last season with 23 home runs and 80 RBIs.  Wouldn’t he look great in this Orioles lineup?  Of course he would.  Better yet, Morales wouldn’t be that expensive, he made a little over $5 million last season, and the market isn’t afire for him, or anyone at the moment.  I would bet the Birds could snag this guy for 2 years/$18 million or 3 years/$25 million.  It would be a bargain.  They would have to give up a compensatory pick to Seattle for his services, but considering the massive hole at DH, and considering the fact that this team is maybe just a few players away from really contending, Morales seems the better fit for this organization than another minor league project.  (A.K.A injured or non-potential filling pitcher.)  How’s this lineup sound?

1. Markakis

2. Machado

3. Davis

4. Jones

5. Morales

6. Hardy

7. Wieters

8.  Lough

9. Flaherty.

Not bad and considering Machado won’t be available for the start of the year due to injury and considering the fact that Orioles are going the cheap route in left field, another bat is an absolute necessity.  Morales is consistent, and in a lineup like this his numbers will probably increase.  Unfortunately, it seems the Birds are looking on the cheap for this position (DH)  as well.

Which brings us to Delmon Young.  The O’s signed Young to something like a $1 million minor league deal.  Wow.  $1 million for a guy who batted .260 had 11 home runs and 38 RBIs in 2013 with the Rays and the Phillies.  Sure, this guy was the #1 overall pick in 2003, and sure, he was the MVP of the ALCS in 2012 for the Tigers, but he also is a guy who choked his girlfriend, participated in a hate crime against a Jewish dude and he also threw his bat at an umpire in a minor league game.  Nice.  So the Orioles are saving $7-$8 million to possibly get this guy to step in and maybe be their DH against left-handed pitching.  Wouldn’t they rather spend the cash on a decent citizen like Morales who is the definition of consistent at the plate?   I guess not.

Then there is Jack Cust.  He asked the O’s for a try-out and they said. “why not have another marginal player come to camp?  Come on down Jack!.”  No offense to Cust personally, but the guy hasn’t played big league ball since 2011.  If they sign Morales, then invite Cust, cool, it’s a can’t lose situation.  But with the lack of money spent this offseason, the Orioles are looking cheap, and the Cust invite looks like another attempt to get some trickles of baseball water out of a washed up rock.  The Orioles need to be realistic, they are not going to piece together a bunch of big hits from a collection of minor leaguers and has-beens like they did in 2012.  It’s time to spend money for some real outside talent.

I can almost guarantee you that the Birds won’t sign Morales, or anybody else who played a full season in the Majors last year and put up nice numbers.  They are just to damn cheap.  They are in the A.L. East, the Ivy League of Major League free agent signings.  The problem is that the O’s have a community college mentality when it comes to that subject.

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