After One Quarter Of Preseason Football, It’s Pretty Obvious The Ravens Are Winning The Super Bowl

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Alright, so maybe that’s a bit much, but why can’t I get a little excited after watching Joe Flacco surgically slice-up the 49er’s defense for one series?  Why can’t I be happy that every other run play wasn’t blown up for negative yards?  The brand new Kubiak/Raven first team offense featured a quick tempo, and for the first time since Baltimore’s dramatic Super Bowl run in 2012, the offense looked purposeful and crisp.

I know, the 49er’s didn’t play a lot of their defensive starters and I know it’s only August 7th, but it’s damn exciting and refreshing to watch a new offensive system that, at least initially, seems to fit the Ravens’ personnel nicely.

Quick Observations:

Rick Wagner passed his first right tackle test with flying colors.  He looked solid in pass protection, easily handling Ahmad Brooks three times in one on one situations during the first Ravens drive.  Wagner also looked good in the running game, firing off the ball nicely and showing quick feet and athleticism while kicking out for a block on the outside linebacker during Ray Rice’s first run of the game (It went for six yards to Wagner’s side.).  Wagner, Gary Kubiak, John Harbaugh, and Ozzie Newsome have got be all smiles after his first quarter performance tonight.

Joe Flacco’s footwork looked good.  His quick release of the football on several plays looked even better.

Dennis Pitta looked fast on his first catch, a tight end screen that went for big yards.

Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce hit holes with authority. The hesitation that plagued both backs last season was not there tonight.

The defense did bend, but it did not break in the first quarter.  I have a nice feeling about this group.

Lorenzo Taliaferro looked good rushing for 71 yards on 13 carries..  He. Will. Move. Up. The. Depth. Chart.

The Ravens rushed for 237 yards as a team.  Boom.

I don’t know much about back-up-back-up OT David Mims, but he is absolutely massive. (He was on the practice squad last year.)

It was good to see and hear the pads poppin’ tonight.  Football is back, babes.


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